Advanced CNC Tube Bending Services

At NovaNox®, we are dedicated to providing top-tier CNC bending technology solutions. Our diverse range of custom-made bent parts, crafted from various materials and in multiple shapes, is a testament to our precision and rapid production capabilities, powered by state-of-the-art CNC control systems.

Our CNC tube bending process represents a cutting-edge forming technology, capable of crafting both 2D and 3D geometric shapes. This computer-controlled technique allows for meticulous manipulation of tubes and profiles according to a meticulously pre-programmed bending plan, offering several benefits to our clients:

  • A vast array of bending shapes including ellipses, tail arcs, and stitch arcs, as well as 3D bent parts with variable radii and seamless transitions between curves and straight segments
  • Unmatched quality and precision in bending, achieved through continuous monitoring and adjustment of the radius throughout the bending process
  • Time and cost efficiency due to the high repeatability of bends, crucial for large-scale production runs

Our sophisticated CNC tube bending machinery can handle a range of materials such as steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, and aluminum, accommodating diameters from ø 3 mm to ø 219.1 mm. We offer expert guidance in selecting the ideal material and bending shape to suit the specific needs of your project.

With a rich history of expertise in CNC bending technology, NovaNox® has earned the trust of clients across various sectors, including mechanical engineering, vehicle construction, and plant engineering. Reach out to us today for personalized assistance and a tailored proposal for your CNC tube bending requirements.

NovaNox® - Your Trusted Authority in CNC Tube Bending Solutions

CNC tube bending

Key Benefits Over Traditional Bending Methods

Seeking a dependable partner for crafting high-quality bent parts from tubes or profiles? Aiming to realize your bending projects with speed, precision, and cost efficiency? NovaNox® stands as your ideal collaborator, bringing a suite of benefits to the table with our specialized CNC bending technology.

  • Exceptional repeatability and minimized error rates ensure uniform dimensions and shapes across all productions, vital for the fit and functionality of the bent parts in your final products. This consistency is key in preventing production errors, reducing waste, and avoiding customer dissatisfaction
  • Automated quality control and proactive tool wear reporting mean that our machinery autonomously verifies adherence to your specified tolerances. Immediate detection and correction of any deviations not only safeguard quality but also prevent potential machine damage, ultimately saving on maintenance and repair costs
  • Precise replication of 3D models enables you to design your bent parts exactly to your specifications. Designs created digitally can be seamlessly transferred to our machinery, which then executes the bending process with exact adherence to your digital blueprint. This unlocks a world of possibilities for innovative and bespoke designs
  • Cost-effectiveness is a hallmark of our process, utilizing less material compared to methods like welding or brazing. The precision of our bending means reduced need for post-processing, such as grinding or polishing. Additionally, our ability to execute multiple bends in one setup slashes assembly time, translating to material, labor, and energy cost savings
  • Our free-form bending capability allows for the creation of not just simple arcs but also intricate shapes with varying radii and fluid transitions between curves and straight lines. This elevates the aesthetic appeal and design versatility of your bent parts
Key Benefits Over Traditional Bending Methods

Frequently Asked Questions on CNC Tube Bending

Our CNC bending capabilities cover diameters from 4 mm to 165 mm. For unique sizes, our experts are ready to evaluate and accommodate your needs.

Costs are influenced by:

  • Material type and quantity
  • Number of bends
  • Bending complexity
  • Urgency of delivery

Notably, CNC bending is more cost-effective compared to other methods, due to reduced material waste and lower finishing requirements.

Quality is our top priority, assured through:

  • Automated machine controls
  • Manual inspections by NovaNox®
  • Compliance with DIN EN ISO 9001 standards


To ensure that test phases and also the use of your product after commissioning by your customers run smoothly, we use FEM calculations to analyze the component strength, fatigue strength and material efficiency of your concept, among other things, at an early stage of development.

In doing so, we digitally present the consequences of different force effects, temperature influences and electrical stresses through linear and non-linear structural mechanical calculations. This enables us to examine the effects of the various influences on the entire product or component for simple and complex geometries even before prototypes are built.

The results from these calculations are finally available to you as proof for technical approvals, for product liability and production releases.

We perform FEM calculations analytically according to generally and internationally standardized standards. This results in comparability and reliable results. In detail we do for you:

  • linear and non-linear structural mechanics calculations
  • Analysis of deformations, stiffnesses and stability
  • Consideration of natural vibrations
  • Transient structural analysis
  • Collision analyses
  • Temperature field calculation (thermal-stationary or thermal-transient)
  • CAE-supported fatigue calculation with nCode

To guarantee the seamless operation of your product post-implementation, our FEM (Finite Element Method) calculations play a critical role. We conduct comprehensive analyses to assess component strength, durability, and material efficiency right from the development stage. This proactive approach helps in anticipating and mitigating potential issues before they arise.

Our advanced digital simulations accurately represent the impact of varied forces, temperature changes, and electrical stresses through both linear and non-linear structural mechanical calculations. This process is crucial for understanding the effects of these factors on products or components, regardless of their geometric complexity, even before prototype development.

These calculations provide essential data for technical approvals, addressing product liability, and sanctioning production. We adhere to globally recognized standards, ensuring the reliability and comparability of our results. Our detailed FEM analysis includes:

  • Linear and Non-Linear Structural Mechanics Calculations
  • Deformation, Stiffness, and Stability Analysis
  • Natural Vibration Assessment
  • Transient Structural Analysis
  • Collision Analysis
  • Thermal Field Calculation (both stationary and transient)
  • CAE-Supported Fatigue Calculation with nCode

Our design creation services provide comprehensive technical drawings in both 2D and 3D formats. This includes detailed individual part drawings, assembly diagrams, and overall product layouts, available in formats such as .dxf, .dwg, .pdf (for 2D) and .step (for 3D). Our commitment to precision ensures that every aspect of the design is meticulously captured, providing a clear and concise visual representation of your project.

In addition to these drawings, we offer extensive technical documentation for your review. This crucial step allows for any necessary adjustments or specific customizations to be made prior to production initiation. It’s our way of ensuring that once production commences, every detail aligns perfectly with your requirements.

This comprehensive suite of technical drawings and detailed documentation is designed to streamline communication across your development and manufacturing processes. By catering to the unique informational needs at each stage, we facilitate a more efficient and error-free workflow, ultimately saving time and resources.

NovaNox® provides an integrated approach to prototype and series construction, offering meticulously detailed technical drawings in both 2D and 3D formats. Our deliverables include a comprehensive range of drawings such as individual part diagrams, assembly drawings, and overall construction layouts, available in .dxf, .dwg, .pdf, and .step formats. This variety ensures adaptability and precision in every phase of your project.

Accompanying these technical drawings, we provide in-depth technical documentation for thorough review. This step is pivotal in our process, as it empowers you to request adjustments or specific customizations before production begins. Our aim is to align our output perfectly with your expectations, ensuring that every component and assembly meets your exact specifications as production rolls out.

By offering this level of detailed planning and documentation, we set the stage for a seamless transition from prototype to full-scale production. Our approach guarantees that every detail is accounted for, reducing the likelihood of delays or discrepancies and ensuring that your project progresses smoothly from concept to completion.

Entrust NovaNox® with the complete management of your requirements, from planning to logistical execution. Our services include providing an expansive 1,200 square meters of storage space, functioning as a consignment warehouse. This facility is designed to ensure uninterrupted production processes for your business. Opting for our storage solutions offers significant cost savings compared to maintaining your own storage capacities and facilitates the production of larger quantities in a more economical manner.

We ensure that your bent parts are delivered from our consignment warehouse in a timely and flexible manner, responding swiftly to your demands. We integrate seamlessly with your existing logistics processes, ensuring a continuous and reliable supply of components. Our system is built to guarantee the availability of NovaNox® bent parts throughout the year, providing peace of mind and operational stability for your projects.

Quality management

At NovaNox®, we prioritize traceability in our quality management process. Our type designation system ensures that every bent part can be easily traced back to its origin, allowing for a detailed review of its journey from production through to its final application. This comprehensive tracking mechanism is essential for maintaining a seamless supply chain, providing both transparency and security.

Depending on the specific requirements of your bent parts, such as material composition and stress factors, we offer a variety of type marking options to suit your needs:

  • Laser Engraving for permanent, high-precision markings
  • Welded Metal Signs with Laser Engraving for durable, robust identification
  • Self-Adhesive Metal Signs with Laser Engraving, combining durability with convenience
  • Self-Adhesive Plastic Labels with specific imprints and a silicone coating for external protection, ideal for varying environmental conditions

Your custom identification will include a unique combination of symbols, numbers, or letters, enabling precise tracking and verification of your bent parts at any stage. This level of detail ensures optimal, unambiguous reconstruction of the parts' journey and processes.

At NovaNox®, we understand that maintaining the integrity of your bent parts, especially under extreme conditions and continuous use, is non-negotiable. As a critical aspect of our quality management, we conduct rigorous leak tests to ensure absolute leak-proof performance of your products. For added assurance, we offer a NovaNox® test certificate for each delivery, validating the results of these leak tests. This certificate serves as a formal declaration of conformity and can be seamlessly integrated into your overall documentation.

Our comprehensive leak testing methods include:

  • A 100% immersion test with air in a dedicated test basin, adhering to standards such as ECE R34 or 70/221/EEC regulation
  • Pressure testing to evaluate the strength and resilience of the bends
  • Dye penetration tests using red or fluorescent dyes for precise leak detection
  • Ultrasonic testing for advanced, non-invasive leak identification

At NovaNox®, we recognize that precise documentation of manufacturing processes is fundamental to quality assurance. By meticulously recording every step in the production process, we not only ensure the consistently high quality of your products but also uncover potential cost-saving opportunities. This is particularly beneficial for large-scale projects, where early identification and rectification of defects can significantly enhance efficiency. Our detailed and repeatable processes free up time and personnel resources, adding value to your operations.

We provide comprehensive documentation as part of our quality management services, including:

  • Initial Sample Inspection Reports in accordance with VDA 2 and EN 9102 standards
  • Factory Certificates 3.1 and 2.2 as per EN 10204 requirements
  • Dimensional Protocols using advanced 3D measuring technology, like the Faro measuring arm
  • Declarations of Conformity for pressure tests, ensuring compliance with relevant standards

All these certifications are designed to integrate smoothly with your overall documentation, streamlining the quality assurance process.