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Insulating mattresses for industrial applications

Insulating mattresses for industry are indispensable in plant engineering, vehicle construction and mechanical engineering. These are technical fabrics with a high-quality insulating material incorporated. The clear advantage over metallic insulation is obvious: insulating mattresses are not rigid in their application. With the help of individual cuts, flexible assembly for removable components is possible. The insulation thickness of insulating mattresses for industry depends on the structural requirements and mechanical stresses. Your system supplier NovaNox® will provide you with expert support in selecting the right type of closure. In addition to the clear technical advantages, the reduction of radiated heat also ensures increased occupational safety due to the efficient thermal insulation.

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Insulating mattresses for industrial applications

Customized insulation mattresses for industry

Insulation mattresses for industry are manufactured for specific industrial requirements. This is the only way to develop an efficient insulation system. The individual material compositions ensure not only high flexibility, but also extremely remarkable thermal insulation. Operating temperatures of up to 1200°C can be efficiently insulated. NovaNox® insulation mattresses for industry can be easily and conveniently assembled and disassembled. A clear gain in time and maintenance comfort. Here, connection points such as brackets and sensors remain accessible due to the individual cuts. NovaNox® insulating mattresses for industry contribute to increased energy efficiency and minimize heat loss to a maximum. Due to the efficient insulation of radiated heat, not only can the energy efficiency of your system be guaranteed, but you also gain maximum occupational safety.

NovaNox® insulating mattresses for industry protect against:
› flying sparks
› Liquid metal spatter
› High radiant heat
› And High Contact Heat

You can work more time-efficiently and safely due to the guaranteed work safety and protect yourself from potential hazards.

Customized insulation mattresses for industry

Areas of application of the insulating mattresses

High-performance heat protection insulations from NovaNox® are used in
› Power plant and heating construction
› shipbuilding
› chemical plants
› Process engineering plants and many other industries
› Piping, boilers and furnaces
› turbine insulation
› gas turbines
› Casting trough cover
› Thermal and acoustic insulation
› Reduction of heat losses
› Reduction of noise transmission
› reduction of cooling speed
› thermal process industry
› automotive industry
› marine engineering, power plant construction and plant engineering
› Metal industry, glass industry and brick industry

Areas of application of the insulating mattresses

Advantages of insulating mattresses for industry

NovaNox® insulating mattresses for industry can be customized and are developed as individual production or in series. They are suitable for industrial applications in the high-temperature range. The efficient thermal insulation ensures increased occupational safety and maximized contact protection. High performance and maximized energy efficiency reduce energy costs while increasing the longevity of your system. The high-quality material of NovaNox® insulation mattresses ensures that they remain free of asbestos and ceramics. As a result, you gain long-term installation convenience, increased performance and longevity of your system.

Advantages of insulating mattresses for industry

Structure and performance of NovaNox® insulating mattresses

The inner fabric
The inner fabric is made of high quality tested glass fabric. In case of high vibrations and mechanical loads, the inner fabric is provided with a wire reinforcement. The wire reinforcement is made of high-quality V4A and protects the inner fabric from direct friction or mechanical loads. In addition to reliability in continuous operation, this combination of materials offers a significantly longer service life.

The outer fabric
The outer fabric is also made of high-quality glass fabric and has a coating of PU, PTFE or aluminum, depending on the requirements. These coatings are resistant to oils, chemicals, water, gases and permanent weathering. The coating thus protects the internal insulation and the internal fabric. As with wire reinforcement, this combination increases service life many times over. In addition, the NovaNox® textile insulation achieves maximum insulation efficiency.

The internal insulation
The internal insulation is the core of textile insulation pads and insulation mattresses from NovaNox®. It consists of high-quality glass fleece and is inserted between the inner and outer fabric. The insulation material has a temperature resistance of up to +1,200°C.

Structure and performance of NovaNox® insulating mattresses

Material combinations

In order to function under the extreme external conditions, highly specific material compositions adapted to the conditions are required. NovaNox® industrial insulation mattresses are individually manufactured for your specific installation situation. They are made of high-quality and certified glass fabric, silicate or aramid fabric. Aramid is the name given to polymeric plastics which have a protein-like structure. This unique fabric composition results in a dust-free, oil and water repellent and vapor resistant insulation mattress for industry. In general, the industry distinguishes between shell mattresses and made-to-measure mattresses. As THE system supplier NovaNox® is able to realize simple as well as more complex geometries. Here, the insulation mattresses are individually manufactured and innovatively designed for your industrial application area. The material composition is developed for your specific installation situation.

Material combinations

Closure techniques of insulating mattresses

NovaNox® insulating pads and insulating mattresses are individually fitted with closures for each installation situation. The different closure techniques offer quick assembly for each specific installation situation. For maintenance or repairs, the NovaNox® insulation pads and insulation mattresses can be disassembled and reassembled at any time thanks to the intelligent locking technology. Disassembly and reassembly are extremely fast and ensure a long service life thanks to reusability. In addition, heat losses are reduced to a minimum. The choice of fasteners depends on the size and positioning of the insulating pads and insulating mattresses.

Fastening with stainless steel wire
The most conventional and at the same time the cheapest type of closure is fastening with stainless steel wire. It is wrapped around sewn hooks. Due to the wrapping, it takes a little more time to assemble and disassemble, but has a very high and variable tensile strength. In addition, the stainless steel makes this type of fastening extremely resistant to temperature and weather conditions.

Fastening with tension springs
Stainless steel tension springs are also a cost-effective fastening solution. In contrast to the stainless steel wire, however, tension springs have a much easier handling during assembly or disassembly. However, the tensile force is adjusted to the fixed hooks and is therefore no longer variable in later use. Due to the material properties, the tension springs are also extremely temperature and weather resistant.

Fastening with buckles and webbing
The buckles made of stainless steel and the webbing made of high-quality fabric are particularly suitable for frequent maintenance work and repairs. This fastening solution has very easy handling and allows disassembly and assembly in seconds, even with work gloves. The high-quality materials also prove to be extremely robust and are resistant to temperature and weathering. This is why this fastening technique is also frequently used for large and heavy textile insulation.

Velcro fastener
Just like the buckles and webbing, the Velcro version is particularly suitable for frequent maintenance and repairs. The hook-and-loop fastener can be used at temperatures of up to +240°C. This fastening solution also has extremely easy handling and enables disassembly and assembly in seconds. The flat fastener is also ideal when only limited installation space is available.

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Closure techniques of insulating mattresses

Individual insulating mattresses


For temperatures up to +1,000°C


Weight and space saving


We take over the planning and the measurement for you personally on site. We take the measurement of the components off your hands and thus guarantee 100% accuracy of fit. If necessary, we can then optimize the planned cutting and construction of your insulating pads and insulating mattresses. This offers excellent cost saving potentials and at the same time guarantees a high fitting accuracy.

Especially with sensitive components and demanding installation situations, a professional installation of NovaNox® insulation pads and insulation mattresses is important. Only in this way can your systems work smoothly and the insulating pads and insulating mattresses from NovaNox® work optimally. That is why we also take care of the final assembly for you. Our trained team works quickly and reliably. This saves you many times the amount of work and your components are insulated down to the last detail.

In order to achieve a result that is as close to series production as possible, even in the prototype phase, we work closely with you in the development, planning and design of the construction, material and manufacturing process. This ensures optimal results and compliance with your time and cost planning. For the final touches, we analyze the FAI results and optimize the manufacturing process for maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness. In doing so, we help to significantly shorten the introduction times and to successfully start series production as planned. This is easy on your project budget and provides optimum security.

From demand planning to logistical handling, we take over the complete process for you. We provide you with a total of 1,200 square meters of storage space as a consignment warehouse to ensure uninterrupted production processes. On the one hand, this saves you costs compared to having your own storage capacity. On the other hand, you can produce more cost-effectively in larger batch sizes. Your optimum component supply for series production is assured. Your insulating pads and insulating mattresses can be delivered from the consignment warehouse on schedule and flexibly on demand. Your existing logistics processes are fully integrated. The optimal solution for a secure component supply with insulation pads and insulation mattresses from NovaNox® throughout the year.

Thanks to type identification, each textile insulation can be easily traced back to its source. The entire path from manufacture to the last application can be traced in detail over the entire product life. A proof that gives you more security.
Depending on the material and stress on your textile insulation, various types of type labels are available:

  • Metal labels with laser engraving
  • Sewn labels

Whether symbols, numbers or letters. - You get your personal identification for a constant traceability of your textile insulation. The integration solution for optimal, clear path and process reconstruction!