Tubular constructions for machines, plants and automotive engineering

Tubular structures are load-bearing metal structures that can be used in many areas. In mechanical, plant and vehicle engineering, they are often used as tubular frames or engine guards, machine components or base frames. NovaNox® tubular structures are made of steel, stainless steel or aluminum tubes and are characterized by their robustness and resistance.

NovaNox® tube constructions offer protection against environmental influences and are extremely durable. They can be manufactured individually and customer-specifically and can therefore be used flexibly. Their high material quality and easy assembly make them a popular choice for many applications.

NovaNox® pipe constructions are frequently used as load-bearing elements in machine and plant engineering. They provide stability and safety for the machinery and equipment. In vehicle technology, they are often used as chassis or protective bars to protect the vehicle's occupants.

All in all, NovaNox® tube constructions are a versatile solution for many applications in mechanical, plant and automotive engineering.

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Tubular constructions for machines, plants and automotive engineering

Individual pipe constructions

NovaNox® is an experienced manufacturer of individual tube constructions for machines, plants and vehicles. With years of expertise as a Tier-1 supplier in tube technology, we develop and produce customized system solutions for the most demanding requirements of OEM customers.

NovaNox® pipe constructions are bent and welded from high-quality steel, stainless steel or aluminum. From simple to complex geometries, NovaNox® realizes pipe constructions for every installation situation by means of modern manufacturing possibilities. Complicated bends, pipe branches and pipe reductions can be realized effortlessly.

Whether it is complex pipe systems for industrial plants or precisely manufactured pipes for use in vehicles, NovaNox® always delivers system solutions of the highest quality. By using the latest manufacturing technologies and working closely with our customers, we are able to develop individual solutions that are perfectly tailored to our customers' needs.

At NovaNox®, quality and customer satisfaction are our top priorities. Contact us today to learn more about our custom tube designs.

Individual pipe constructions

Curved NovaNox® pipe constructions

By using different bending processes and bending techniques, NovaNox® can implement the most diverse and complex design ideas of customers. One example of the techniques used is the combined bending process. In this process, tubes and tube constructions are formed, in some cases several times, through the interaction of mandrel bending and roll bending. Forming by this process is also possible if the tubes have already been bent once.

In mandrel bending, the tube structures are first pushed onto a mandrel. They are then bent around the tool in a specified radius. Clamping jaws and slide rails provide the necessary stability. In roll bending, on the other hand, tubes are clamped in adjustable rollers and deformed. Due to this procedure, the technical jargon also calls it rolling, tube rolling or profile rolling.

With this process, significantly tighter bending radii are possible. Furthermore, this process enables us to produce very tight bending radii and multiple bends. The mentioned processes are carried out on "cold" tube constructions.

But what is meant by "cold" tubes/tube constructions anyway, and why are they bent only when they are "cold"? By "cold" tubes is meant that the tube has passed through the manufacturing process and has now cooled down. Pipe structures are bent in the "cold" state because it allows a much wider range of profile machining. Furthermore, the process on "cold" pipe structures is significantly cheaper and faster to implement, and several transition bends can be made on one pipe structure. Only at a diameter of 2 meters does cold bending limit the machining possibilities of the structure - these can then only be machined in the blast furnace.

The materials for the production of your NovaNox® pipe construction are subjected to careful testing so that we can ensure the best quality. This process allows us to offer our customers the highest quality of materials and full traceability.

NovaNox® tube constructions are used in many different areas of industry. Our main customers include, for example, power plant and biogas plant construction, the furniture industry, the construction industry, the automotive industry, light metal construction, tractor and agricultural machinery construction or machine and plant construction.

Curved NovaNox® pipe constructions

NovaNox® tubular structures welded

NovaNox® is a company that specializes in pipe processing. An important part of this process is welding. By using different welding methods such as MIG, MAG and TIG welding as well as brazing, both simple and complex geometries can be realized. The production of watertight welds and arc welds with continuous wire is made possible by these processes.

After welding, NovaNox® also takes care of the finishing work such as lasering, milling, turning, riveting and grinding, as well as final assembly. The company relies on highly qualified welders and guarantees high quality throughout the entire process.

NovaNox® tubular structures welded

CNC control

The CNC control is an indispensable part of the tube construction production. With its support, CNC bent parts, such as ellipses, stab bends, tail bends or 3D bent parts, can be manufactured with precise transitions between bends and straight lines as well as variable radii. A CNC tube bending machine enables the highest quality standards. This plays a decisive role in series production in particular, as the machine ensures high repeatability for every type of bend.

CNC control

FAQ pipe constructions

What are NovaNox pipe constructions?
NovaNox pipe constructions are individual pipe constructions for machines, plants and vehicle technology. They are bent and welded from high-quality steel, stainless steel or aluminum.

What are NovaNox pipe constructions used for?
NovaNox tubular structures are used in a variety of ways as load-bearing metal structures. In machines, plants and vehicle technology, they are often used as tubular frames or engine guards, machine components or base frames.

How are NovaNox tubular structures made?
NovaNox pipe constructions are bent and welded from high-quality steel, stainless steel or aluminum. From simple to complex geometries, NovaNox realizes pipe constructions for every installation situation with modern manufacturing possibilities. Complicated bends, pipe branches and pipe reductions can be realized effortlessly.

What bending methods are used in the production of NovaNox tubular structures?
One example of the techniques is the combined bending process. Here, tubes and tube structures are formed, in some cases several times, by the interaction of mandrel bending and roll bending. Forming by this method is also possible if the tubes have already been bent once.

FAQ pipe constructions


We perform FEM calculations in the early test phases to save you inconvenience during the test phases and also after your customers have put your product into operation. These calculations can determine the material efficiency, structural strength and fatigue strength of your concept, among other things.

Linear and non-linear structural-mechanical calculations help us to digitally visualize the effects of different forces, temperature influences and electrical loads for you. Through these thorough investigations, we find out the consequences of the various influences on the entire product or component for any - even complex - geometries even before the prototype phase.

You can use the resulting results as evidence for production releases, technical approvals and for product liability. We produce the FEM calculations based on general and international analytical standards, which guarantees comparable and reliable results. In detail we do for you:

  • Linear and non-linear structural mechanics calculations
  • Analyses of deformations, stiffnesses and stability
  • Consideration of natural vibrations
  • Transient structural analysis
  • Collision analyses
  • Temperature field calculation (thermal-transient and thermal-stationary)
  • CAE-supported fatigue calculation with n code

We produce technical drawings for you in 2D (in dwg, dxf and pdf formats) and in 3D (in step format). Furthermore, we produce individual part drawings, assembly drawings, general drawings or assembly drawings for you according to your needs and wishes. In addition to the technical drawings, you will receive detailed technical documentation for review. This process gives you the opportunity to make adjustments or express special wishes even before production, so that you are on the safe side when the production line starts rolling.

After this detailed design creation, you have the certainty that all components fit perfectly and the plan is implemented without errors. The technical drawings and comprehensive documentation guarantee you optimum communication throughout your entire development and manufacturing process chain. They thus cover the different information needs of each stage and ensure greater efficiency.

We work closely with you in the development, planning and design of the construction, the material and the manufacturing process in order to achieve a result as close to series production as possible already in the prototype phase. In this way, we optimize your results and ensure that your time and cost plans are met. Ultimately, we analyze the results of the FAI so that we can improve your manufacturing process to the highest possible efficiency and profitability. In most cases, implementation times can be significantly shortened and the scheduled start of serial production is supported. These measures keep you within your project budget.

You can place the complete process from the determination of requirements to the logistical execution in our hands without any worries. To ensure uninterrupted production processes, we provide you with a consignment warehouse with a total storage area of more than 1,200 m². This consignment warehouse saves you the cost of your own storage space and allows you to produce larger quantities more cost-effectively. Your optimal component supply for the following series production is thus ensured. We can subsequently deliver the tube constructions on call.

Your existing logistics processes are fully integrated. These measures ensure a safe construction division of your system suppliers for pipe structures NovaNox® throughout the year.


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