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Customized system solutions for rail transport technology from NovaNox®.

You need a specific and individual system solution for your rail vehicles?

As NovaNox® GmbH & Co. KG we are THE system supplier for rail transport technology.

With our broad expertise in the field of rail vehicles, we design and produce individual components for developers of rail vehicles and rail transport technology.

Our versatile product portfolio covers the areas of hose, pipe and exhaust as well as tank and insulation technology. We offer a selection of fuel, combi, hydraulic or AdBlue tanks, which are manufactured to precisely fit your individual requirements so that they can be installed in your trains in a space-saving and effective manner.

Furthermore, we also provide you with a large assortment in the field of hose technology, consisting of silicone hoses, plastic hoses or metal hoses, which are manufactured in such a way that they meet your personal requirements.

We also supply you with piping and pipe constructions as well as metallic or textile industrial insulation. We also offer customized solutions for your silencers. All our products can be manufactured in simple design or up to application-specific material compositions. Thus, we can present you with a specific, coordinated solution for you.

Individual and ready-to-install system solutions for your rail vehicles

Thanks to our extensive knowledge of hose technology, pipe technology, insulation technology, exhaust gas technology, and tank technology, we are specialists in system components that are required in trains and streetcars, as well as in rail-bound vehicles. In addition, our products are manufactured to be durable and lightweight, so that they meet all industry-specific requirements. We have proven this expertise in the rail transportation industry as well as in other industries.

In order to be able to offer our products at competitive prices, our goal is continuous product optimization as well as cost reduction. We make this possible for our customers in the rail transport technology sector by working together with them throughout the entire product life cycle. This cooperation starts with the development and planning phase and is completed with the individual or series production. Meanwhile, we support you in design and prototype production. Even after the production of your components, we continue to support and advise you. Thus, components and spare parts can be delivered flexibly and on schedule through our 1200 sqm consignment warehouse and installed in your rail vehicles. We attach great importance to an honest and transparent communication culture.

If you need an individual system solution for your rail vehicles, book your first free and non-binding initial consultation here today.

NovaNox® THE system supplier for rail transport technology and rail vehicles

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