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Textile insulation for machines, plants and automotive engineering

Textile insulation is an effective solution for thermal insulation in various fields of application such as mechanical engineering, vehicle construction and shipbuilding. Depending on the conditions of use, the insulations consist of different fabric combinations and have excellent insulating properties. This reduces heat loss to a minimum and keeps the system temperature constant.

The textile insulations also provide optimum contact protection for engines and exhaust gas lines in continuous operation. They are frequently used as insulation for exhaust systems and expansion joints in engine construction, vehicle manufacturing and shipbuilding. Textile insulations are also used for the insulation of heated tools, gas turbines in power plants or heating zones of plastics processing machines.

Technical insulation from NovaNox® is one of the cornerstones for achieving climate targets, energy efficiency, CO2 reduction and plant safety. In addition to optimal thermal insulation, they must also be extremely resistant to heat and vibration, as well as ensure high reliability in permanent weather conditions, high exhaust gas temperatures and mechanical stresses.

NovaNox® insulations offer numerous fields of application in shipping, the automotive industry, aviation and plant engineering. Particularly noteworthy are the NovaNox® insulating sleeves, which are required for heating tapes, valves or pipelines. They score with high energy savings, cost savings as well as contact and combustion protection. They also ensure shorter heating times and consistent heat throughout the entire production process.

Rely on effective thermal insulation with textile insulation material from NovaNox® and benefit from the numerous advantages, such as high energy efficiency, cost savings and comprehensive protection of your equipment and components.

Textile insulation for engines and exhaust pipes

Customized textile insulation

With our many years of experience as a system supplier in insulation technology, we develop and produce customized textile insulation for manufacturers of machinery, equipment and vehicle technology. Tailor-made solutions from NovaNox® are individually adapted to the needs of the customer and provide excellent insulation for machines and equipment of all kinds.

We are particularly specialized in insulation mattresses, insulation pockets as well as engine and exhaust gas insulation. Our textile insulations are extremely heat-resistant and have very good insulation properties, so that the radiated heat of up to +1,200°C is reduced to an extreme minimum. Heat loss is prevented, so that the system temperature in machines, plants and vehicles is maintained at a constant level.

Textile insulations from NovaNox® are manufactured to fit the contours. Due to the individual cutting, NovaNox® textile insulations fit tightly and precisely and are therefore very space-saving, which can be of great importance in an angled machine room. Radiated heat is thus reduced to an absolute minimum, and the insulation also provides excellent protection against contact.

This contact protection is complemented by combustion protection. They provide holistic and reliable protection against burns. The touch protection prevents and avoids injury when touching hot pipes. Contact protection and combustion protection are used in particular for engine insulation, silencer insulation, plant insulation, compensator insulation or turbocharger insulation.
In addition, surrounding sensitive components are ideally protected from radiated heat and premature wear. Thanks to the individual cut, connection points, brackets or sensors also remain accessible.

The high-quality and certified NovaNox® insulations also offer a significant improvement in occupational safety and score points for their particular flexibility. In addition, they are quick to dismantle, easy to reuse and simple to clean. Fire protection and sound absorption are further properties that NovaNox® textile insulations bring with them. Finally, the high durability results in significantly lower maintenance and disposal costs.

Customized textile insulation

Structure of textile insulation

NovaNox® textile insulation is manufactured on a fiberglass base. Efficient insulation material is incorporated into our technical high-performance fabric. Depending on your specific installation situation, the thickness of the insulation layer is selected. It provides high thermal insulation and acoustic insulation.

In the basic principle of thermal insulations, different layers are manufactured: Outer fabric, insulating material, inner fabric and wire mesh. Since the outer fabric is farthest from the heat source, but closest to the outside world, special attention is paid here to resistance to external influences. It must be able to withstand dirt, coolants, oil and snow, for example. Next comes the insulation material, which is the actual insulating layer. It consists of needled glass fiber mats. The more glass fiber mats are used in the insulation layer, the stronger the insulating effect. As a direct point of contact with the hot machine part, the inner fabric must be able to withstand enormous heat. It also consists of glass fiber mats or silicate, which is additionally reinforced with stainless steel threads. The layer that lies in front of the inner fabric is the wire mesh. Its main purpose is to protect against excessive abrasion.

Structure of textile insulation

Environmentally friendly textile insulation

Conventional insulation material and therefore textile insulation are mostly considered risky for people and the environment during maintenance or replacement. For this simple reason, NovaNox® has chosen to manufacture and develop sustainable insulations. The insulations are provided with a green outer layer to show sustainability and improvement of your green footprint. Of course, it is still possible to manufacture the insulations with your corporate colors. What stands out as an advantage of the sustainable insulations is especially the compatibility. Namely, the NovaNox® special textile insulations do not contain calcium, sodium or potassium, thus preventing the formation of toxic chromates. The environmentally friendly and sustainable textile insulations are also individually manufactured and can be adapted to your specific installation space situation. In addition, they are heat resistant up to 1100°C, and for short periods up to 1300°C, and their different compositions offer no disadvantages for your specific application. In addition, they are non-flammable, have a vermiculite coating on both sides and are flexible and soft. If you are interested in making your vehicles and machinery more sustainable, feel free to book a no-obligation initial consultation here! As proof of the outstanding quality of NovaNox® textile insulations, our partner company works according to the corresponding standards in the following areas:

  • Weave - DIN 61 101-1
  • Width - DIN EN 1773
  • Thickness - DIN EN ISO 5084 and DIN EN ISO 2286-3
  • Weight - DIN EN ISO 12127
  • Thread count - DIN EN 1049 - 2
  • Yarn count - DIN EN ISO 2060
  • Filament fineness - DIN 53 811
  • Maximum tensile force - ISO 4606


Why are conventional insulations so dangerous?

The usual insulation material used for engines or vulnerable pipes contains alkaline earth or alkaline metals such as calcium oxide (CaO), sodium oxide (Na²O) and/or potassium oxide (K²O). The material consists of up to 40% of the various oxides. The engine parts and other stainless steel components, on the other hand, contain chromium-containing compounds. For example, the calcium oxide reacts above 300° C with the chromium-containing compounds. This causes the chromium (III) compounds to "oxidize" to chromium (IV) compounds, the so-called chromates. In combination with calcium oxide, calcium chromate (CaCr04) is formed. Once this process has taken place, the compound does not volatilize until it reaches more than 800° C. The chromium content of the components and the chromate used are decisive factors. The chromium content of the components and the calcium oxide content of the insulating materials determine how many chromates are released.

The resulting heavy metal compounds are released during installation work. They are very dangerous for humans and the environment, as they contain carcinogenic, mutagenic and particularly environmentally hazardous contents. Skin contact or inhalation of the released compounds can cause serious damage to health. Used insulating materials contaminated with chromates must also be disposed of properly and at high cost as hazardous waste after use, so that there is no risk to groundwater.

Environmentally friendly textile insulation

Ship insulation

As an experienced manufacturer of insulation for shipbuilding, we at NovaNox® pay special attention to special insulation solutions needed for the construction of ships and yachts. We offer a wide range of thermal insulation for on-board accommodation, as well as fire-resistant insulation that meets the highest safety standards.

Whether noise protection devices for engines and generators or insulation for deck lines - we are your reliable partner in all areas. Regardless of where your ship is produced or when you need the materials, we ship our high-quality insulation worldwide and keep it in our own consignment warehouse on time and on call for you.

When manufacturing our marine insulation, we work in accordance with the SEE19002 standard to provide you with the safety and quality you need. Rely on our many years of experience and expertise in the field of insulation and contact us here today for a no-obligation quote.

Ship insulation

Textile insulation for engines & exhaust pipes

NovaNox® insulations consist of different fabric combinations that provide optimum insulation properties depending on the operating conditions. This minimizes heat loss, keeps the system temperature constant and ensures optimum protection against contact during continuous operation.
In addition, the tailor-made textile insulations from NovaNox® protect surrounding sensitive components from radiated heat, premature wear, weathering, vibrations, high exhaust gas temperatures and mechanical stresses. They reduce radiant heat of up to 1,200°C to a minimum and fit snugly and precisely thanks to contour-matched manufacturing.

For even greater flexibility and convenience, the insulations are fitted with closures for each individual installation situation. Thanks to the intelligent closure technology of NovaNox®, the insulations can be easily and quickly disassembled at any time and then reassembled for maintenance or repairs. The choice of closures for your individual textile solution depends on the size and positioning. Don't wait any longer and choose the high-quality textile insulations from NovaNox® for a reliable and long-lasting solution.

Textile insulation for engines & exhaust pipes

Insulation Pillows & Mattresses

Textile insulation pads and insulation mattresses are used in industry in a variety of ways, for example as high-temperature insulation for gas and steam turbines. Pipelines, boilers, furnaces and gas turbines can be protected with the help of these products. In addition to reducing radiant heat, insulating pads and mattresses also provide protection against flying sparks, molten metal and high contact heat. They are made of different fabric combinations, depending on the operating conditions and installation situation, and thus have excellent insulating properties. This prevents heat loss and ensures optimum contact protection in continuous operation. They also protect surrounding components from radiated heat and wear.

NovaNox® textile insulating pads and insulating mattresses provide additional reliable protection in permanent weather conditions, vibrations, high temperatures and mechanical loads. Customized insulating pads and mattresses can reduce the generated radiated heat of up to 1,200°C to a minimum and can be manufactured to fit contours. Old insulation mattresses can also be used as templates to make custom sketches. Note, however, that old insulations may contain carcinogenic substances and must therefore be packed dust-tight and sent to the manufacturer only with appropriate information.

Textile insulating pads and mattresses are equipped with individual closure technology, which allows quick assembly and disassembly for maintenance or repairs. This ensures long service life and reusability. These products can be designed as valve insulations, insulation mats, insulation caps, insulation blankets, shell mattresses, thermal mats, valve caps or insulation mattresses. If you have any questions about the optimal solution, please feel free to contact our staff here, who will be happy to help you.

Insulation Pillows & Mattresses

Insulated bags

NovaNox® insulating bags offer a flexible and versatile range of uses. They have excellent insulating properties and are resistant to aggressive media. High insulation performance is achieved by using different fabric combinations. The insulating pockets effectively protect against fire, sparks, liquid metal, acids and high temperatures. For this reason, they are suitable as heat and cold protection for sensitive components such as accumulators and batteries. In addition, explosive materials can also be stored in them without any problems.

As a Tier-1 supplier, our insulating bags are manufactured individually and contour-adapted. Due to the tailor-made cut, they fit closely to the respective components and thus offer optimal protection against heat and cold. In addition, leakage of explosive liquids is prevented.

The insulating pockets have an individual closure technology that enables quick assembly and disassembly during maintenance and repair work. In addition, they are equipped with handles that ensure comfortable transport.

Insulated bags

FAQ - Frequently asked questions


Custom textile insulation


For temperatures up to +1,000°C


Weight and space saving


We take over the planning and the measurement for you personally on site. We take the measurement of the components off your hands and thus ensure 100% accuracy of fit. If necessary, we can then optimize the planned cutting and construction of your insulation. This offers excellent cost-saving potential and at the same time ensures a high accuracy of fit.

Professional installation of NovaNox® textile insulation is particularly important for sensitive components and demanding installation situations. Only in this way can your systems work smoothly and the textile insulation from NovaNox® work optimally.

That is why we also take care of the final installation for you. Our trained team works quickly and reliably. This saves you many times the amount of work and your components are insulated down to the last detail.

In order to achieve a result that is as close to series production as possible, even in the prototype phase, we work closely with you in the development, planning and design of the construction, material and manufacturing process. This ensures optimal results and compliance with your time and cost planning.

For the final touches, we analyze the FAI results and optimize the manufacturing process for maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness. In doing so, we help to significantly shorten the introduction times and to successfully start series production as planned. This is easy on your project budget and provides optimum security.

From demand planning to logistical handling, we take over the complete process for you. We provide you with a total of 1,200 square meters of storage space as a consignment warehouse to ensure uninterrupted production processes. On the one hand, this saves you costs compared to having your own storage capacity. On the other hand, you can produce more cost-effectively in larger batch sizes.

Your optimum component supply for series production is assured. Your textile insulations can be delivered from the consignment warehouse on schedule and flexibly on demand. Your existing logistics processes are fully integrated. The optimal solution for a secure component supply with textile insulation from NovaNox® throughout the year.

Thanks to type identification, each textile insulation can be easily traced back to its source. The entire path from manufacture to the last application can be traced in detail over the entire product life. A proof that gives you more security.

Depending on the material and stress on your textile insulation, various types of type labels are available:

  • Metal labels with laser engraving
  • Sewn labels

Whether symbols, numbers or letters. - You get your personal identification for a constant traceability of your textile insulation. The integration solution for optimal, clear path and process reconstruction!