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Effective noise reduction: absorption silencers for machines, plants and vehicle technology

As a system supplier for individual silencer solutions, NovaNox® offers high-quality absorption silencers for machines, plants and vehicles. Absorption silencers work according to the absorption principle and mainly reduce higher frequencies generated by engines and exhaust systems.

NovaNox® absorption silencers are designed to operate reliably even under the most demanding conditions. NovaNox® uses absorbent materials such as glass wool or mineral wool to absorb sound energy and convert it into heat energy. This effectively reduces sound levels without affecting the flow of gases or liquids.

Absorption silencers are customized to meet our customers' requirements and therefore provide optimal performance. NovaNox® takes into account factors such as weather, vibration, hot exhaust gases and pressure requirements to ensure that the silencers operate reliably under all conditions.

Our experienced team of engineers works closely with our customers to develop customized solutions that are perfectly tailored to customer needs. NovaNox® offers a wide range of absorption silencers suitable for a variety of applications. These include aerospace, automotive, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, industrial and construction equipment and many other industries.

Thanks to their high effectiveness and reliability, NovaNox® absorption silencers are indispensable for machines, plants and vehicles. If you also want to minimize the noise impact of your machines, plants and vehicles, book a no-obligation initial consultation with our experts here.

Effective noise reduction: absorption silencers for machines, plants and vehicle technology

Individual absorption silencers from NovaNox®.

NovaNox® offers individual absorption silencers for manufacturers of machines, plants and vehicle technology. With many years of expertise in the planning and development of exhaust silencers, we can make optimum use of the available installation space. The goal of NovaNox® absorption silencers is to minimize engine and exhaust noise and maximize the performance of the absorption silencer. This is done by using high quality materials such as tested steel or stainless steel and high quality insulating materials such as fiberglass wool, stainless steel wool or rock wool.

NovaNox® offers optional non-hygroscopic insulation materials for high condensate applications to prevent permanent condensate formation inside the absorption silencer. In this way, the performance of the absorption silencer is maintained and its service life is significantly extended.

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Individual absorption silencers from NovaNox®.

Manufacturing process

Manual welding
NovaNox not only offers automated welding processes, but also manufactures hand-welded absorption silencers for machines, equipment and vehicles. With the help of many years of experience in welding, NovaNox® manufactures high quality products with fast turnaround times. Manual welding is a cost-effective alternative, especially for one-offs, small and medium-sized series.

The hand-welded absorption silencers are manufactured on modern welding tables. Thereby we offer highest dimensional accuracy by our own fixture construction. Even with high tolerances, we can guarantee lasting repeatability.

Automated welding
By using the most modern welding robots, the automated welding process enables a fast and efficient production of NovaNox® absorption silencers for machines, plants and vehicles. Particularly in the case of high demand and the desire for consistent quality, the automation of the manufacturing processes pays off. In addition, the automated welding process offers extremely high precision, which makes it possible to realize even complex absorption silencers with high tolerance requirements. Rely on the advanced manufacturing processes of NovaNox® and benefit from first-class quality and efficiency in the production of your absorption silencers.

Manufacturing process

Pipe end machining for absorption silencer

NovaNox® pipe end machining for absorption silencers of machines, plants and vehicles enables uncomplicated and speedy installation in any installation situation. NovaNox® offers an extensive repertoire of joining techniques, including beading according to DIN 71550 and DIN flanges as well as individual expansions and reductions. In addition, the pipe ends can be slotted or provided with threaded connections. Tapping screw connections as well as male and female couplings are also possible without any problems.

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Pipe end machining for absorption silencer

Corrosion protection and finishes for absorption silencers

Surface treatment of absorption silencers is essential to ensure durability, safety and appearance. Professional surface treatment ensures a durable corrosion-free, safe and stable surface that can withstand even the harshest conditions.
NovaNox® coats absorption silencers in all RAL colors quickly and to a high quality. Professional surface treatments include heat-resistant painting, galvanizing and powder coating, as well as pickling and passivation to ensure optimal corrosion protection.

With our extensive surface treatment experience, we can ensure that your absorption mufflers not only have excellent protection, but also look aesthetically pleasing. Trust NovaNox® to improve the longevity and performance of your machinery, equipment and vehicles.

Corrosion protection and finishes for absorption silencers

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

An absorption silencer works according to the absorption principle. The sound waves hit the insulating material inside and are thus absorbed. The sound energy is converted into thermal energy, which is then dissipated into the environment. This effectively reduces the sound level.

Yes, absorption silencers can be customized for a variety of applications. The silencers can be customized to meet the requirements of machinery, equipment and vehicles, including aerospace, automotive, HVAC, industrial and construction equipment and many other industries.


Individual absorption silencers

Frequency range

Silencer solutions for all frequency ranges


Manual and automated manufacturing


To ensure that you are on the safe side during the test phases and also after your product has been put into operation by your customers, we use FEM calculations to determine the structural strength, fatigue strength and material efficiency of your concept, among other things, in the early development phases.

In doing so, we digitally illustrate the effects of various mechanical, thermal and electrical loads using linear and non-linear structural-mechanical calculations. The advantage of this is that we can examine the effects of the various influences on the entire product or component for any geometry, even complex ones, before we build prototypes.

The results of these calculations can be used as evidence for technical approvals, product liability and production releases.
FEM calculations of NovaNox® analytically follow the general and international standards. This ensures the reliability and comparability of the results. In detail:

  • we perform linear and non-linear structural mechanics calculations;
  • analyze deformations, stiffnesses and stability;
  • consider natural vibrations;
  • perform transient structural analyses;
  • carry out collision analyses;
  • carry out temperature field calculations (thermal-stationary or thermal-transient) and
  • calculate CAE-supported fatigue strength with nCode.

We carry out sound level measurements of the sound levels LAFmax, LAFmin as well as LCpeak for you on site. The aim of the measurement is to obtain information about the sound level distribution in the frequency range from 20 to 20,000 Hz. Based on the measurement results, we determine the required power for your silencer and design a suitable structure for it.

We then calculate the insertion loss based on the planned design. If necessary, this enables us to optimize the component so that you also achieve maximum sound attenuation later in use.

We already work closely with you during the development, planning and design of the construction. Together we plan the design of the material and the manufacturing process. As a result, we achieve a result that is very close to series production already in the prototype phase. As a result, you achieve the best results and keep to your time and cost planning.

With the results of FAI, the manufacturing process is optimized for maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness. We support you in noticeably shortening the introduction times and in successfully going into series production according to plan. This way you save your project budget and highest reliability.

We handle the entire process for you, from demand planning to logistics. We have a total of 1,200 square meters of storage space available to you as a consignment warehouse. This ensures uninterrupted production processes. This saves you costs compared to your own storage capacities and allows you to produce larger batch sizes more cost-effectively.

The supply of components for your series production is thus optimally ensured. Your absorption silencers can be delivered from the consignment warehouse on schedule and flexibly on demand. Your existing logistics processes are fully integrated. In this way, absorption silencers from NovaNox® are provided throughout the year in optimal component supply.

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Quality management

Welding process planning lays the foundation for selecting the optimum welding process for the specific requirements of your absorption silencers. The safety and stability of your absorption silencers is increased by the optimum welding process.

Welding process planning also involves determining and specifying the welding sequence. For more efficient production processes as well as a longer service life and reliable tightness of your absorption silencers, an optimal sequence of welding processes is important.

Type identification allows all absorption silencers in use to be easily traced back to their source. Every movement during the entire product life can be traced in detail from manufacture to the last application. This means added safety for you.

Depending on the material and stress on your absorption silencers, the following types of type identification can be considered:

  • Laser engraving
  • Welded metal nameplates with laser engraving
  • Self-adhesive metal plates with laser engraving
  • Self-adhesive plastic labels with specific imprint and silicone coating for external protection

Your absorption silencers are individually marked for you by means of symbols, numbers or letters and are always traceable. This is the optimal solution for clear path and process reconstruction.

The leak test as part of quality management ensures that your absorption silencers remain absolutely leak-proof both in continuous operation and under extreme conditions. If you want additional security, we will provide you with the leak test as a written declaration of conformity with every delivery. This NovaNox® test certificate can be seamlessly integrated into your overall documentation. We carry out these leak tests for you:

  • Conducting a 100% test with air underwater in our designated testing basin, following regulations such as ECE R34 or 70/21/EEC
  • Pressure test
  • Leak test by means of red or fluorescent dyes
  • Ultrasonic testing

Accurate documentation of production processes is an indispensable element of quality assurance in production. It ensures high product quality.  Complete documentation also opens up enormous cost-cutting potential. This is particularly interesting for large projects, because errors and quality deviations can be detected and eliminated at an early stage. Precisely documented processes are easier to reproduce and thus make additional time reserves and personnel resources available for other tasks. We provide you with this comprehensive documentation for quality management purposes:

  • Initial sample inspection report according to VDA 2, EN 9102
  • Factory certificates 3.1 and 2.2 according to EN 10204
  • Dimensional report by 3D measuring technique (Faro measuring arm)
  • Declaration of conformity for pressure tests

All our documentation can be easily integrated into your overall documentation.

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