Enhanced Durability in Industrial Applications with NovaNox PU Suction Hoses

In demanding industrial applications, robust and versatile equipment is paramount. NovaNox® PU suction hoses are a vital component engineered to handle various materials, including solids, gases, and liquids. The unique challenge in industrial environments is the aggressive nature of the media being conveyed, which often subjects hoses to intense mechanical stress.

NovaNox® PU suction hoses are meticulously designed to meet these demands. Their construction ensures consistent performance in various settings, from enclosed indoor spaces to expansive outdoor environments. The cornerstone of our design philosophy is uncompromised reliability – a commitment to safety and environmental protection. With NovaNox®, you can be assured that each hose is a blend of superior quality and industrial resilience, tailored to thrive in the most challenging conditions.

PU suction hose for industrial applications

PU suction hose individual from NovaNox®

A NovaNox® PU suction hose can be used in a variety of ways in the industrial world and must meet different requirements depending on the application. As a specialist, we develop and produce customized thick- and thin-walled PU suction hoses for the entire industry. From smooth inner and outer surfaces to corrugated designs with and without reinforcements - the PUR suction hose from NovaNox® can always be individually tailored to the customer's requirement profile and help to pass particularly aggressive media safely. With our cross-industry know-how, we support our customers in new developments, further developments, and also cost optimization.

PU suction hose individual from NovaNox®

Power and performance of a NovaNox® PU suction hose

With its properties, the NovaNox® PU suction hose is considered an all-rounder and can be used in a variety of industrial applications. It is ideally suited for extracting various solids, gaseous media, and liquids. Highly abrasive materials such as sawdust, powder, cement or granules can be passed through effortlessly and safely. In addition, the NovaNox® PU suction hose can be designed with other attributes besides abrasion-resistant and antistatic properties. These include, above all, thermal properties and material resistance. This means a PU suction hose from NovaNox® can also be used in potentially explosive zones at temperatures well above +110°C. In addition, the NovaNox® PU suction hose with the extended properties can fulfill the flammability class V-0 according to UL 94 and thus attain flame-retardant properties. Added to this is optimum compatibility with foodstuffs. The PU suction hose from NovaNox® is approved for the food industry and can resist hydrolysis and microbes.

Power and performance of a NovaNox® PU suction hose

Structure of a NovaNox® PU suction hose

A NovaNox® PU suction hose is made of high-quality polyurethane (PU) and is particularly characterized by its high abrasion resistance. Depending on the requirements, the PU suction hose from NovaNox® can be designed with thick or thin walls. Smooth inner walls are possible for optimum flow. Incorporated spring spirals of high-quality copper complete a PU suction hose from NovaNox®. They are incorporated in spirals and offer maximum flexibility despite reliable robustness. This means a NovaNox® PU suction hose can be compressed to suit the specific application without disrupting the flow. This material combination also gives the NovaNox® PU suction hose antistatic properties. In addition, even the basic version of a NovaNox® PU suction hose complies with flammability class V-II according to UL94. These quality features in conjunction with the good thermal properties enable a wide range of applications in the industrial world.

Structure of a NovaNox® PU suction hose

Individual PU suction hoses for the extraction of various solids, gases and liquids.


Thick- and thin-walled PU suction hoses with smooth or corrugated walls.


Temperature resistant up to +110°C with flammability class V-0 according to UL 94 and food conform.


We accompany our customers from product development to series introduction. Together with our customers, we evaluate the installation situation and the subsequent conditions of use. With our feasibility and cost analysis, we also provide quick insights. In doing so, we help to significantly shorten the introduction times and to successfully start series production as planned. This is easy on the project budget and provides optimum security for our customers.

Whether hose clamps, sensors or measuring indicators - as a system supplier, we deliver PU suction hoses complete and ready for installation as a system solution. We take over the procurement, deadline monitoring, quality control and assembly of various accessories for our customers. With this process takeover, we adjust the fitting accuracy to a high maximum. The high accuracy of fit offers a very high level of convenience during final assembly and reduces assembly times to a minimum. The direct procurement channels also optimize our customers' supply chain. The in-house manufactured metal connections offer the optimum of a system solution. NovaNox® metal connections are particularly in demand when extremely stable connection carriers are required for specific connection points. While the metal connection ensures a stable connection and withstands high mechanical loads, the elastic NovaNox® PU suction hose provides optimum sealing.

From demand planning to logistics handling, we take over the complete process for our customers with our warehouse and logistics expertise. Existing warehousing and logistics processes of our customers are fully integrated. The process takeover is optimally supported by our own consignment warehouse. With more than 1,200 m² of storage space, we provide our customers with a large consignment warehouse. The NovaNox® consignment warehouse enables flexible and on-time call-offs. The optimal solution for a secure component supply with PU suction hoses from NovaNox® throughout the year. At the same time, the storage capacities of our customers are relieved.

Quality management

The integration solution for optimal, clear path and process reconstruction! NovaNox® PU suction hoses are marked with a durable and high-quality print. There are no limits to the wishes of our customers. Whether symbols, numbers or letters. - Our customers receive their personal identification for a constant traceability of their PU suction hoses. This also applies to the choice of colors. In addition to our standard transparent and black designs, we can realize any color our customers desire. No matter whether the desired color version is to reflect the corporate color or serve as a hose type separation.

NovaNox® PU suction hoses are made of polyurethane and can be used flexibly in industrial applications to extract a wide variety of substances. To ensure this versatility, they are manufactured in accordance with international conformities. For example, they can be manufactured in accordance with the RoHS/REACH directives. The "Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals" (REACH) ensures that the chemicals used in production are used safely and therefore pose no risk to humans or the environment. In addition, the "Restriction of Hazardous Substances" limits the use of hazardous substances in the manufacturing process of electrical and electronic equipment, whereupon no hazardous substances are released into the environment during subsequent recycling. It is also possible to manufacture your PU suction hoses according to US conformity. In this case, they can be manufactured in accordance with the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) and the specifications of the FDA. The FDA ensures the food compatibility of the PU suction hoses.

Do you need a custom-made PU suction hose for your project or more information about possible conformities? Then book your free initial consultation with our experts here now or send us an email at info@novanox.eu.