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Exhaust silencers for machines, plants and vehicle technology

The use of exhaust silencers in machines, plants and vehicle technology is indispensable for reducing engine and exhaust noise and thus minimizing environmental pollution. Depending on the engine and the area of application, different frequency ranges have to be attenuated, which is why there are different silencer systems for each frequency range.

The most important silencer systems are divided into three types. At low frequencies, so-called reflective silencers are used. These silencers use a reflection chamber to reflect the sound waves and thus reduce the noise level.

If high frequencies need to be covered, an absorption silencer can be used. This type of silencer uses a material that absorbs the sound, thus reducing the sound waves. However, combination silencers are often used. This solution covers both low and high frequencies, providing comprehensive noise reduction.

In addition to noise reduction, a silencer must also be reliable in permanent weather conditions, strong vibrations, hot exhaust gases and pressure requirements. For this reason, silencers must be made of high-quality materials that can withstand the rigorous demands.
Overall, silencer systems are an important part of machine, plant and vehicle engineering to reduce the environmental impact of noise. The use of the right type of silencer for the respective frequency range is of crucial importance in this context in order to achieve effective noise reduction.

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Custom exhaust silencers

When it comes to reducing engine and exhaust noise, exhaust silencers are indispensable. With our many years of experience in exhaust technology, NovaNox® develops and produces customized silencer solutions for manufacturers of machines, systems and vehicles. In doing so, we take over the complete planning and production - from the dimensions to the arrangement to the materials.

We offer various silencer systems, such as absorption silencers, reflection silencers or combination silencers. The exhaust silencers are individually adapted to the customer's requirements, so that the NovaNox® silencer systems are always optimally matched to the installation situation. Even in tight installation spaces, the available space is effectively utilized, thus achieving high performance.

NovaNox® exhaust silencers are manufactured exclusively from tested and high-quality steel or stainless steel. For the internal insulation material, we use only first-rate fiberglass wool, stainless steel wool or rock wool. Optionally, we can also use non-hygroscopic insulating materials to prevent permanent condensation inside the silencer in case of high condensate occurrence. This maintains the performance of the silencer and increases the service life many times over.

Thanks to our customized NovaNox® muffler systems, we can achieve optimum reduction of engine and exhaust noise. With selected materials, we also maximize the performance of the muffler and offer our customers high reliability in permanent weather conditions, strong vibrations, hot exhaust gases and pressure requirements. Contact us directly here to get a customized solution for your requirements.

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NovaNox® exhaust silencers can be used in a wide range of industries. Whether on boilers, combined heat and power plants (CHP), fans or emergency power generators - our exhaust silencers are the perfect solution for noise reduction. In particular, the NovaNox® exhaust silencers CHP stand out for their high-performance functionality.

Our customized silencer systems can be used in any exhaust system to effectively reduce noise emissions. In addition, we offer matching textile insulation for surrounding components to achieve optimum thermal insulation.

As an experienced manufacturer of exhaust silencers, NovaNox® offers you comprehensive consulting, planning and manufacturing. Contact us here today for a free, no-obligation initial consultation with one of our staff and let us work together to find the right solution for your requirements.

1. what is the purpose of exhaust silencers?
Exhaust silencers are used to reduce engine and exhaust noise and thus minimize environmental pollution.

2. what are the three types of silencer systems?
There are reflective silencers for low frequencies, absorptive silencers for high frequencies, and combination silencers for both frequency ranges.

How does a reflective silencer work?
A reflection silencer uses a reflection chamber to reflect the sound waves and thus reduce the noise level.

4. how does an absorption silencer work?
An absorption silencer uses a material that absorbs the sound and thus reduces the sound waves.

5. what are the advantages of a combination silencer?
A combination silencer provides comprehensive sound reduction for both low and high frequencies.

What requirements must a silencer meet?
A silencer must be reliable in continuous weather conditions, strong vibrations, hot exhaust gases and pressure requirements.

7. what materials are silencers made of?
Silencers are made of high quality materials such as stainless steel or mild steel, which can withstand the high demands.

8. Why is it important to use the right type of silencer for the frequency range?
It is important to use the right kind of silencer for the particular frequency range to achieve effective sound reduction.


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