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Fuel tanks for machinery, equipment and vehicle technology

NovaNox® offers a wide range of solutions for the storage of fuels such as gasoline, diesel or gas. These fuel tanks are connected to the combustion chamber in machines, plants and vehicle technology and play a decisive role in the fuel supply. Due to daily use and the associated mechanical loads, vibrations and temperature fluctuations, the tanks have to meet high requirements.

NovaNox® offers stainless steel tanks, steel tanks and aluminum tanks, which can be adapted to the individual installation options and allow maximum utilization of the filling volume.

In addition, the tanks can be equipped with tank lids, gauges, sensors or fuel filters to form a system solution. As a system supplier, NovaNox® takes over the processes around deadline monitoring, quality control and final assembly to maximize fit and efficiency.

We only produce individual solutions for orders of at least 50 pieces

Fuel tanks for machinery, equipment and vehicle technology

Customized fuel tank

We are an experienced Tier-1 supplier in tank technology and develop as well as produce individual tanks for fuel with the desired volumes for manufacturers of machines, equipment and vehicle technology. Our NovaNox® tanks can also be used as water tanks. With modern manufacturing capabilities, we realize fuel tanks for any installation situation - from simple to complex geometries. We also supply the appropriate components, such as tank vent valves, to compensate for the vacuum created between the fuel tanks and the intake manifolds.

NovaNox® fuel tanks are offered in various designs, such as steel, stainless steel or aluminum fuel tanks. This allows our fuel tanks to be individually adapted to the installation options, even in the case of particularly tight installation spaces. In this way, the filling volume of the fuel tank is utilized to the maximum and a longer fuel supply for machines, plants and vehicles is made possible. Our solutions offer ideal conditions for increasing productivity through longer operating times.

Customized fuel tank

Diesel tank cleaning

The cleaning of a diesel tank is permanent. This is due to the diesel itself, as it is a mixture of various distillates of crude oil and is therefore very similar to petroleum. Petroleum is used in many different cleaning products. When cleaning with a detergent that contains petroleum, dirt particles are enclosed so that no scratches are left behind. Furthermore, petroleum dissolves waxes, grease, oil carbon and oil sludge.

Now, to clean the inside of the tank, drain the liquid out of the tank and fill it with diesel. Then, let the engine run at idle speeds for a few minutes. The next step is to remove the dirty fuel from the oil lines and change the oil filter. Finally, top up with fresh engine oil to ensure smooth resumption of operation.
When cleaning, please note that fuel, as well as petroleum, are harmful to the environment and should not be poured into the waste water. The same applies to the used cloth. You must dispose of these utensils in accordance with local regulations. Also, keep in mind that this is a toxic cleaning agent that can have fatal consequences if swallowed or inhaled. Therefore, be sure to wear protective gloves and ventilate the area adequately.

Another way to clean your tank is to flush it out with liquids that have similar properties to diesel. These include gasoline, methylated spirits or a special tank cleaner. To be completely safe in your cleaning, the tank can also be blown out with compressed air.

Diesel tank cleaning

Production of NovaNox® fuel tanks

The production of NovaNox® fuel tanks is carried out both in large series and small series. It is possible to produce large quantities of fuel tanks with different cross-sections and lengths. Our production lines automatically implement high-quality operations such as trimming, forming, shaping and punching for filler necks. The focus is on a precisely fitting result that is tailored to your needs.

Hand-welded and robot-welded designs are available. Hand-welded constructions are characterized by robust welded joints that are produced on modern 3D welding tables using MIG, TIG and MAG processes.

Among other things, inert gases such as nitrogen, helium or neon are used in the MIG process, and active gases such as carbon dioxide in the MAG process. In the TIG process, a tungsten electrode is used to generate the arc, while shielding gases protect the material.
Low tolerances and permanent repeatability are guaranteed by our own fixture construction. Modern clamping options, clamping elements and fixing aids enable a fluid work flow.

Robot-welded constructions, on the other hand, impress with their lasting precision with high tolerance requirements and are ideal for series production. Thanks to the fully automated process, repeatability and precision are very high.

Production of NovaNox® fuel tanks


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NovaNox® is a system supplier for manufacturers of machines, plants and vehicle technology. We specialize in hose technology, pipe technology, insulation technology, exhaust gas technology, tank technology and fuel tanks. From development and prototype production to series production.



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