Your System Supplier for Precision Stainless Steel Tube Bending

NovaNox®, renowned as a dependable system supplier, specializes in stainless steel pipe bends. Upholding the highest quality standards, our products reflect our extensive experience and deep industry knowledge, offering bespoke solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Integral to numerous industrial applications, stainless steel pipe bends are essential for efficiently connecting pipes and hoses at various angles. This facilitates the controlled flow of liquids or gases in required directions. The durability and corrosion resistance of stainless steel make it an ideal choice for challenging environments.

Quality is a cornerstone at NovaNox®. Our pipe bends, crafted from premium materials, undergo rigorous quality checks, ensuring they meet the highest standards. Our collaborative approach with clients guarantees that each product aligns perfectly with their unique requirements.

Beyond stainless steel pipe bends, our portfolio includes a diverse range of products such as flanges, fittings, pipes, and more. Each item adheres to the same exemplary standards as our renowned stainless steel bends.

At NovaNox®, we commit to offering comprehensive services to our clients. Our team, equipped with significant expertise, is always ready to address your queries and assist in selecting the optimal products for your projects. We are dedicated to helping you overcome your industrial challenges.

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Your system supplier for stainless steel tube bending

Expert Custom Fabrication of Stainless Steel Pipe Bends

At NovaNox®, we pride ourselves on offering more than just standard products. Our expertise lies in providing unique, custom-tailored solutions to meet your specific requirements. We specialize in manufacturing stainless steel pipe bends to your exact specifications, ensuring a perfect fit for your unique applications.

Our team of experts collaborates closely with you, ensuring our products are not just high-quality, but also precisely aligned with your needs. We utilize only top-grade materials and the latest in manufacturing technology, guaranteeing superior quality in every product. At NovaNox®, our mission is to deliver all-encompassing services to our clients. We're always on hand to respond to your inquiries and guide you in selecting the ideal products for your applications. Our team's extensive expertise is your asset in addressing and overcoming industrial challenges.

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Expert Custom Fabrication of Stainless Steel Pipe Bends

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Stainless steel pipe bends are specialized fittings made from stainless steel pipes, facilitating a directional change in pipe runs. Commonly used in exhaust gas technology, plant engineering, and sanitary engineering, they are essential for efficient pipe connectivity.

There are several types of stainless steel bends, each differing in manufacturing method, bending angle, and diameter. At NovaNox®, we offer:

  • Welded bends: Made from welded pipes or sheet metal half-shells, featuring a weld on the inside or both sides of the bend.
  • Seamless bends: Crafted from seamless tubes, these bends have no welds.
  • 90° and 180° bends: Known respectively as angles and U-bends, they provide bending angles of 90 and 180 degrees.
  • Reducing elbows: These have varying diameters at each end, adapting to different pipe sizes.


NovaNox® adheres to several standards for stainless steel pipe bends, including:

  • DIN EN 10253: For welded and seamless steel elbows at room temperature.
  • DIN 2605: For welded steel elbows at elevated temperatures.
  • EN 10523-4: For seamless austenitic steel pipe bends at low temperatures.
  • ASME B16.9: For high-pressure applications.


Cleaning methods vary based on contamination level:

  • Mechanical cleaning: For light soiling like dust or fingerprints.
  • Chemical cleaning: For medium to heavy soiling like grease or rust.
  • Electrochemical cleaning: For heavy soiling such as tarnish or welding residues.



At NovaNox®, we utilize FEM (Finite Element Method) calculations to ensure the strength, safety, and material efficiency of your product concepts. This advanced analysis is conducted in the early development stages, using digital simulations to assess the impact of various forces, temperature changes, and electrical stresses. Our approach includes linear and non-linear structural mechanical calculations, enabling us to predict performance and identify potential issues in both simple and complex geometries before prototype development. The results from these calculations serve as crucial evidence for technical approvals, product liability, and production releases. Our FEM calculations adhere to internationally recognized standards, ensuring comparability and reliability. Services include linear and non-linear structural mechanics calculations, deformation and stiffness analysis, natural vibration consideration, transient structural analysis, collision analysis, temperature field calculation (both thermal-stationary and thermal-transient), and CAE-supported fatigue calculation using nCode.

NovaNox® provides comprehensive technical drawings in both 2D (.dxf, .dwg, .pdf formats) and 3D (.step format). Depending on your project's needs, we offer individual part drawings, assembly drawings, overall drawings, and assembly instructions, accompanied by thorough technical documentation. This detailed approach allows for any necessary pre-production adjustments or incorporation of special requests, ensuring a seamless fit once production commences. Our range of technical drawings and extensive documentation facilitates effective communication throughout your development and manufacturing process, efficiently catering to the varying informational needs of each stage.

We supply technical drawings in 2D (.dxf, .dwg, .pdf formats) and 3D (.step format), including individual part, assembly, general, and assembly drawings, tailored to your specific requirements. Detailed technical documentation is also provided for review, enabling pre-production modifications or the addition of special requests. Our comprehensive range of technical drawings and extensive documentation ensures successful communication across the entire development and manufacturing process, especially for complex designs. This approach effectively addresses the diverse information needs of each development stage, enhancing overall efficiency.

NovaNox® manages the entire component supply and logistics process, from requirements planning to logistical execution. We offer 1,200 square meters of storage space in a consignment warehouse, facilitating continuous production processes while saving costs compared to in-house storage capacities. This arrangement also allows for more cost-effective production of larger quantities. Your bent parts are delivered from the consignment warehouse on a scheduled, flexible basis, fully integrating with existing logistics processes. This ensures a secure, year-round supply of components for NovaNox® bent parts. To learn more about how our diverse services can be implemented in your company, schedule a consultation with our experts today.

Quality management

Type identification is crucial in tracing the origin of each stainless steel sheet. We meticulously log every detail from production to final usage throughout the entire production cycle, ensuring a complete chain of evidence. This method guarantees safety and accountability for our clients. Depending on the specific requirements of your project, we offer various types of type markings, including:

  • Laser engraving
  • Welded metal signs with laser engraving
  • Self-adhesive metal signs with laser engraving
  • Self-adhesive plastic labels with specific imprints and silicone coating for external protection

Your personalized identification, consisting of symbols, numbers, or letters, allows for the precise tracking of your stainless steel sheets.

Ensuring the absolute leak-proof quality of your stainless steel elbows, even under extreme conditions and continuous use, is a priority for us at NovaNox®. Our rigorous leak tests are a vital part of our quality management process. We offer these tests as part of our service, along with a NovaNox® test certificate for each delivery. The leak tests we conduct include:

  • 100% air-under-water testing in a separate basin (e.g., according to ECE R34 or 70/221/EEC regulation)
  • Pressure testing
  • Leak detection using red or fluorescent dyes
  • Ultrasonic testing

These methods ensure the integrity and safety of our stainless steel products.

Accurate documentation of manufacturing processes is key to our quality assurance. This rigorous approach allows us to maintain the consistently high quality of our products. Detailed documentation is not only crucial for quality assurance but also offers cost-saving potential, especially in large-scale projects. Early identification and resolution of defects enhance efficiency, creating time and resource savings. We provide comprehensive documentation for quality management, including:

  • Initial sample inspection report (VDA 2, EN 9102)
  • Factory certificates 3.1 and 2.2 (EN 10204)
  • Dimensional protocol via 3D measuring technology (Faro measuring arm)
  • Declaration of conformity for pressure tests

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