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High-Performance Insulating Mattresses for Industrial Applications

NovaNox® insulating mattresses are essential in plant engineering, vehicle construction, and mechanical engineering. These technical fabrics incorporate high-quality insulating materials, offering superior flexibility compared to rigid metallic insulation. With individual cuts, our insulating mattresses enable flexible assembly for removable components, adapting to various structural requirements and mechanical stresses.

The insulation thickness of our mattresses is tailored to meet specific industrial needs, ensuring optimal performance under varying conditions. NovaNox® provides expert support in selecting the appropriate closure type, enhancing both efficiency and convenience. Our insulating mattresses not only offer technical advantages but also significantly reduce radiated heat, improving occupational safety through efficient thermal insulation.

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Insulating mattresses for industrial applications

Customized Insulation Mattresses for Industry

NovaNox® manufactures insulation mattresses tailored to specific industrial requirements, ensuring the development of efficient insulation systems. Our custom material compositions provide exceptional flexibility and remarkable thermal insulation, capable of withstanding operating temperatures up to 1200°C. These mattresses are designed for easy and convenient assembly and disassembly, saving time and enhancing maintenance comfort.

Thanks to individual cuts, connection points such as brackets and sensors remain accessible, allowing for seamless integration with your systems. NovaNox® insulating mattresses significantly contribute to increased energy efficiency by minimizing heat loss and efficiently insulating radiated heat. This not only guarantees the energy efficiency of your system but also enhances occupational safety to the maximum.

NovaNox® insulating mattresses for industry protect against:

  • Flying sparks
  • Liquid metal spatter
  • High radiant heat
  • High contact heat

You can work more efficiently and safely, benefiting from guaranteed work safety and protection from potential hazards.

Customized Insulation Mattresses for Industry

Areas of Application for NovaNox® Insulating Mattresses

NovaNox® high-performance heat protection insulations are utilized across a wide range of industries, providing superior thermal and acoustic insulation solutions. Our insulating mattresses are designed to meet the demands of various applications, ensuring optimal protection and efficiency.

Key areas of application include:

  • Power plant and heating construction
  • Shipbuilding
  • Chemical plants
  • Process engineering plants
  • Piping, boilers, and furnaces
  • Turbine insulation
  • Gas turbines
  • Casting trough cover
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Reduction of heat losses
  • Reduction of noise transmission
  • Reduction of cooling speed
  • Thermal process industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Marine engineering
  • Power plant construction
  • Plant engineering
  • Metal industry
  • Glass industry
  • Brick industry
Areas of Application for NovaNox® Insulating Mattresses

Advantages of NovaNox® Insulating Mattresses for Industry

NovaNox® insulating mattresses offer numerous advantages for industrial applications, whether customized for individual production or developed in series. They are ideal for high-temperature environments, providing efficient thermal insulation that enhances occupational safety and maximizes contact protection. With high performance and energy efficiency, our insulating mattresses reduce energy costs and extend the longevity of your system.

Made from high-quality materials, NovaNox® insulating mattresses are free of asbestos and ceramics, ensuring safe and durable solutions. This results in long-term installation convenience, improved system performance, and increased durability, making NovaNox® insulating mattresses a reliable choice for your industrial insulation needs.

Advantages of NovaNox® Insulating Mattresses for Industry

Structure and Performance of NovaNox® Insulating Mattresses

The Inner Fabric:
The inner fabric of NovaNox® insulating mattresses is made from high-quality, tested glass fabric. To withstand high vibrations and mechanical loads, it is reinforced with high-quality V4A wire. This wire reinforcement protects the inner fabric from direct friction and mechanical stress, ensuring reliability during continuous operation and significantly extending the service life.

The Outer Fabric:
The outer fabric is also crafted from high-quality glass fabric and can be coated with PU, PTFE, or aluminum, depending on specific requirements. These coatings provide resistance to oils, chemicals, water, gases, and permanent weathering, thereby protecting the internal insulation and fabric. This combination, like the wire reinforcement, greatly increases the service life and achieves maximum insulation efficiency.

The Internal Insulation:
The core of NovaNox® insulating mattresses is high-quality glass fleece, inserted between the inner and outer fabrics. This insulation material offers temperature resistance of up to +1,200°C, ensuring exceptional performance in protecting sensitive components under extreme conditions.

Structure and Performance of NovaNox® Insulating Mattresses

High-Quality Material Combinations for Insulating Mattresses

To perform effectively under extreme external conditions, NovaNox® insulating mattresses are crafted from highly specific material compositions tailored to your installation needs. Our industrial insulation mattresses are individually manufactured using high-quality, certified glass fabric, silicate, or aramid fabric. Aramid, known for its protein-like structure, results in a dust-free, oil and water repellent, and vapor-resistant insulation mattress ideal for industrial use.

The industry typically distinguishes between shell mattresses and custom-made mattresses. As a leading system supplier, NovaNox® can create both simple and complex geometries, ensuring innovative and precise solutions for your industrial applications. Our material compositions are specifically developed to meet the unique requirements of your installation situation, providing optimal performance and durability.

High-Quality Material Combinations for Insulating Mattresses

Innovative Closure Techniques for Insulating Mattresses

NovaNox® insulating pads and mattresses are equipped with tailored closures for each installation scenario. These advanced closure techniques allow quick assembly and disassembly, ensuring reusability and a long service life. The intelligent locking technology makes maintenance and repairs straightforward, significantly reducing heat losses. The choice of fasteners is based on the size and positioning of the insulating pads and mattresses.

Fastening with Stainless Steel Wire:
The most conventional and cost-effective closure method is using stainless steel wire, wrapped around sewn hooks. Although this method takes more time for assembly and disassembly, it offers high and variable tensile strength. The stainless steel construction provides excellent resistance to temperature and weather conditions.

Fastening with Tension Springs:
Stainless steel tension springs offer a cost-effective and user-friendly fastening solution. Compared to stainless steel wire, tension springs are easier to handle during assembly and disassembly. The tensile force is fixed and non-variable, but the material properties ensure high resistance to temperature and weather conditions.

Fastening with Buckles and Webbing:
Stainless steel buckles and high-quality fabric webbing are ideal for frequent maintenance and repairs. This fastening method allows for quick and easy disassembly and assembly, even when wearing work gloves. The materials are extremely durable and resistant to temperature and weathering, making this technique suitable for large and heavy textile insulation.

Velcro Fastener:
Similar to buckles and webbing, Velcro fasteners are perfect for frequent maintenance and repairs. They can withstand temperatures up to +240°C and are very user-friendly, enabling quick disassembly and assembly. The flat design is ideal for installations with limited space.

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Innovative Closure Techniques for Insulating Mattresses

Individual insulating mattresses


For temperatures up to +1,000°C


Weight and space saving


NovaNox® handles the planning and measurement on-site, ensuring 100% accuracy of fit for your components. We take precise measurements and, if necessary, optimize the cutting and construction of your insulating pads and mattresses. This guarantees high fitting accuracy and offers excellent cost-saving potential.

For sensitive components and demanding installation situations, professional installation of NovaNox® insulation pads and mattresses is crucial. Our trained team ensures smooth system operation by providing quick and reliable final assembly. This saves you significant time and effort, ensuring your components are thoroughly insulated.

We collaborate closely with you during the prototype phase to develop, plan, and design the construction, materials, and manufacturing process. This ensures optimal results and adherence to your time and cost planning. By analyzing FAI results, we optimize the manufacturing process for maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness, helping to shorten introduction times and successfully start series production. This approach is cost-effective and provides optimal security for your project.

NovaNox® manages the entire process from demand planning to logistical handling. We offer 1,200 square meters of storage space as a consignment warehouse, ensuring uninterrupted production processes. This setup reduces costs compared to maintaining your own storage capacity and allows for cost-effective large batch production. We ensure timely and flexible delivery of your insulating pads and mattresses, fully integrating with your existing logistics processes for secure component supply throughout the year.

Our type identification service ensures that each textile insulation can be traced back to its source throughout its entire lifecycle. This traceability provides added security and reliability. Depending on the material and stress on your textile insulation, we offer various types of labels, including metal labels with laser engraving and sewn labels. Whether using symbols, numbers, or letters, you receive personalized identification for clear path and process reconstruction.