Industrial-Grade PVC Hoses by NovaNox®

At the core of diverse industrial operations, NovaNox® PVC hoses excel in their role as robust and versatile conduits. Engineered for efficiency, our polyvinyl chloride suction and delivery hoses seamlessly handle a broad spectrum of materials, from solids and gases to an array of liquids. Crafted to perform reliably in sequestered environments and exposed settings, NovaNox® hoses safeguard against environmental and occupational hazards, embodying our commitment to safety and sustainability.

Reliable PVC hoses for industrial applications

Tailored PVC Hose Solutions by NovaNox®

Leveraging decades of expertise in hose technology, NovaNox® specializes in crafting custom PVC hoses to meet the intricate demands of various industries. Our hoses, recognized for their exceptional quality, are designed for flexibility as either suction or transport hoses, aligning perfectly with specific industrial systems.

Whether you require smooth-surfaced hoses for unimpeded flow or corrugated hoses with or without reinforcement for enhanced durability, NovaNox® adapts to your unique specifications. Our commitment to customization ensures that even the most aggressive media is transferred safely and efficiently, reflecting our dedication to your operation's success.

Tailored PVC Hose Solutions by NovaNox®

Enhanced Durability and Versatility of NovaNox® PVC Hoses

NovaNox® PVC hoses are engineered to deliver exceptional performance across many industrial scenarios. Their superior chemical resistance ensures the safe transportation of aggressive chemicals, gases, sludges, and various aqueous solutions without compromise.

These hoses are not just robust against wear and tear thanks to their abrasion-resistant nature but also boast antistatic features for safe operation in sensitive environments. Their impressive thermal properties mean they can withstand high temperatures, extending their applicability to more demanding industrial processes.

Meeting ISO 6940 standards, NovaNox® PVC hoses are designed to be non-flammable, enhancing safety in every application. Additionally, their compatibility with foodstuffs makes them an ideal choice for the food industry, where resistance to hydrolysis and microbes is paramount. When it comes to power and performance, NovaNox® PVC hoses set the standard for reliability and safety.

Enhanced Durability and Versatility of NovaNox® PVC Hoses

Durable and Flexible Design of NovaNox® PVC Hoses

At NovaNox®, our PVC hoses are not only tailored to your needs but are also crafted in compliance with global standards. Made from high-quality polyvinyl chloride, our hoses adhere to stringent international regulations, ensuring seamless integration into systems requiring specific certifications. Our commitment to environmental stewardship is reflected in our adherence to the RoHS directive, minimizing hazardous substances in electronic applications to prevent pollution during recycling.

Moreover, NovaNox® PVC hose production aligns with REACH — a regulatory framework for chemicals — to ensure that our manufacturing processes pose no harm to people or the environment. We also cater to specific American industry requirements with compliance with TSCA for chemical safety and FDA standards for food-grade materials.

If your project demands a custom-manufactured PVC hose that meets precise conformity standards, start here with a complimentary consultation with our experts. For more details on our compliance capabilities or to request a supplier declaration, reach out to us at

Durable and Flexible Design of NovaNox® PVC Hoses

Customized PVC hoses as transport hose or suction hose for any industrial application.


Thick and thin wall PVC hoses with smooth or corrugated walls.


Temperature resistant up to +80°C and according to ISO 6940, as well as food compliant.


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