Stainless steel hoses for industrial applications

Stainless steel hoses are flexible hoses made of metal, also known as corrugated ring hoses. There are different types of stainless steel hoses such as pressure hoses, vacuum hoses and those with straight ends or threaded connections.

Stainless steel hoses offer many advantages. They are flexible and can adapt to different environments. They are also resistant to high temperatures and pressures and resist corrosion. Their durability makes them a cost-effective solution for use in demanding environments such as industry, plumbing and heating.

In industry, stainless steel hoses are commonly used to transport liquids and gases. They are ideal for use in demanding environments as they are resistant to high temperatures and pressures. They can also be used as vacuum lines.

Stainless steel hoses for industrial applications

Made to measure stainless steel hoses from NovaNox®.

As an experienced system supplier for hose technology, NovaNox® covers all tier levels and develops individual stainless steel hoses for the entire industry. NovaNox® metal hoses made of profiled stainless steel are ideal as conveying hoses, suction hoses or protective hoses.

Thanks to their excellent mechanical and thermal properties, NovaNox® stainless steel hoses are fireproof and chlorine-resistant. They can be designed with thick or thin walls and can optionally be fitted with a seal. These quality features in combination with the good thermal properties enable a wide range of applications throughout industry.

Stainless steel hoses® from NovaNox® are made to measure according to the individual requirements of the customers. Both simple and complex geometries in various diameters and lengths can be realized.

You need custom-made stainless steel hoses for your applications? Then arrange a non-binding initial meeting with our experts here and discuss your individual system solution with us.

Made to measure stainless steel hoses from NovaNox®.

Power and performance of a NovaNox® stainless steel hose

NovaNox® stainless steel hoses are versatile all-rounders for industrial applications. They are available in various designs and can be used as suction hoses, transport hoses or protective hoses. As suction hoses, they are used to extract solids, gaseous media and liquids. They are capable of transporting a wide variety of materials safely and efficiently.

The transport hose is used for the same media. However, its main task is to convey those media. It also masters the transport of highly abrasive materials such as granules, sawdust or powder. These hoses are also an optimal solution for demanding applications.

The NovaNox® stainless steel protective hose, on the other hand, is responsible for protecting sensitive lines. The cables to be protected are often exposed to high temperatures and mechanical stresses, so they need special protection. The protective hose ensures that the lines remain safe and undamaged.

All types of this stainless steel hose are very robust and heat-resistant. This is evident from the fact that they can easily withstand mechanical and thermal stresses of up to 650°C. They are durable and reliable and offer excellent performance in demanding industrial applications.

Power and performance of a NovaNox® stainless steel hose

Structure of NovaNox® stainless steel hoses

A stainless steel hose is a flexible metallic line element. NovaNox® manufactures its stainless steel hoses mostly as so-called corrugated hoses. Corrugated hoses are thin-walled cylindrical components with a corrugated structure in the outer surface.

NovaNox® stainless steel hoses are made of high-quality profiled stainless steel and can be designed with thick or thin walls. Optionally, they can also be provided with a seal. These quality features in conjunction with the excellent properties enable a wide range of applications in industry.

Structure of NovaNox® stainless steel hoses

Why you should use corrugated stainless steel hoses from NovaNox®

Corrugated stainless steel hoses from NovaNox® are an excellent choice for many applications. They are characterized by their corrugated structure, which makes them flexible and pressure-resistant. This structure makes corrugated hoses a special component.

NovaNox® corrugated ring hoses made of stainless steel are clearly superior to the commonly used corrugated spiral hoses and allow an undisturbed connection of the connecting fitting. They are also leak-proof, temperature and corrosion resistant and are perfectly suited for conducting liquids and gases under pressure as well as for use as vacuum lines.

NovaNox® corrugated stainless steel hoses can also be used as filling hoses. When properly installed and used, they offer great safety in use and a very long service life. All these features make corrugated hoses an excellent choice for a wide range of applications.

Why you should use corrugated stainless steel hoses from NovaNox®

Customized stainless steel hoses as conveying hose or suction hose for any industrial application.


Thick- and thin-walled stainless steel hoses with or without seals.


Thermal resistance up to +650°C with excellent mechanical strength and flexibility.


In order to be able to offer our customers full service, we accompany them from the beginning of product development to the final series launch. Together with our customers, we evaluate the individual installation situation and the subsequent operating conditions of our hoses. Part of this process is a feasibility and cost analysis. With all these measures, we help to shorten the introduction times many times over and to start series production on schedule. In addition, our customers' project budgets are spared and we offer optimum security for our customers.

As a system supplier, we deliver the ready-to-install corrugated stainless steel tubes complete as a system solution. We take over all decisive processes for our customers: Procurement, deadline monitoring, quality control and subassembly of a wide range of accessories. By taking over these processes, we can guarantee a high degree of fitting accuracy for our customers. This high level of accuracy of fit means that the customer can look forward to convenient final assembly and a reduction in assembly times to a minimum. In addition, the supply chain of our customers is optimized by the direct procurement route. NovaNox® stainless steel tubes are particularly in demand for specific connection points where extremely stable connection carriers are required. While the metallic connection guarantees a stable connection, the NovaNox® stainless steel tube provides optimum sealing.

With the help of our warehousing and logistics expertise, we can easily take over the entire process for our customers, from requirements planning to logistics handling. The existing warehouse and logistics processes are fully integrated in the process. Our own consignment warehouse with an area of 1,200 m² provides optimal support for the process takeover. It continues to enable flexible and on-time call-offs and is the perfect solution for a secure component supply with NovaNox® stainless steel hoses throughout the year. Another positive aspect is that the storage capacities and thus the costs of our customers can be reduced.


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NovaNox® is a system supplier for manufacturers of machines, plants and vehicle technology. We specialize in hose technology, pipe technology, insulation technology, exhaust gas technology, tank technology and stainless steel hoses. From development and prototype production to series production.



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