Durable and Flexible Plastic Hoses for Industrial Use

NovaNox® industrial plastic hoses stand out in the marketplace for their exceptional adaptability across various applications. Engineered from premium materials such as Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyurethane (PUR), and thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPV), these hoses meet a broad spectrum of industrial needs.

Our PVC plastic hoses PVC plastic hoses are tailored for flexibility and durability, offering a cost-efficient solution without compromising performance. Their robust resistance to solids, gases, and liquids makes them a versatile choice for numerous industrial operations.

The PUR plastic hoses in our catalog provide enhanced flexibility and resilience, elevating them above PVC alternatives for particularly strenuous applications. With superior abrasion resistance, they excel in even the most challenging conditions.

An intrinsic antistatic property is integrated into our plastic hoses, heightening safety measures during material handling. Coupled with exceptional chemical resistance, our hoses remain resilient against various chemicals.

In conclusion, NovaNox® offers a comprehensive range of plastic hoses catering to various industrial applications, championing versatility, antistatic safety, and chemical resilience. Whether seeking the economic efficiency of PVC or the advanced endurance of PUR, our hoses provide tailored solutions for every industrial scenario.

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Plastic hoses for industrial applications

Tailored Plastic Hose Fabrication by NovaNox®

At NovaNox®, our progress as a system supplier in hose technology has been honed over many years, enabling us to offer an expansive selection of custom plastic hoses crafted for a variety of industrial needs. Our PVC hoses, PUR hoses, and TPV hoses are not only reliable and versatile but also customized to meet the unique demands of each application.

Our proficiency in hose manufacturing allows us to create specialized material blends that are precisely engineered according to the requirements of our clients. This bespoke approach ensures that every NovaNox® hose is a perfect fit for its intended use, providing optimal performance and longevity.

Beyond manufacturing, NovaNox® is dedicated to adding value to our clients' operations. We assist you in cost optimization and collaborative development to produce new solutions or enhance existing products. Our broad cross-industry experience and deep technical knowledge are instrumental in driving innovation and efficiency in hose applications across the market.

Tailored Plastic Hose Fabrication by NovaNox®

NovaNox® Compliance with International Safety Standards

NovaNox® takes pride in producing plastic hoses compliant with a comprehensive range of international safety and quality standards, ensuring our products' suitability for many machines, systems, and vehicles. Crafted from materials like polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyurethane (PUR), and thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPV), our hoses meet rigorous industry directives and specifications.

Our commitment to safety and environmental responsibility is evident through conformity with standards such as RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances), which governs the presence of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment, ensuring safe recycling practices.

Additionally, NovaNox® plastic hoses can be manufactured in alignment with the REACH regulation—Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals—emphasizing the responsible use of chemicals in manufacturing and ongoing safety.

Beyond EU regulations, our products can also adhere to prevalent US standards such as the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and TSCA (Toxic Substances Control Act), guaranteeing food safety compatibility and controlled use of potentially hazardous substances.

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NovaNox® Compliance with International Safety Standards

High-Quality NovaNox® PVC Hoses for Industrial Applications

The manufacturing of NovaNox® PVC hoses begins with selecting high-grade raw materials, including premium PVC compounds, dyes, and specialized additives. These components are carefully chosen to ensure superior product quality and performance. The granules are heated until malleable, shaped, and then expertly extruded to form the robust core of our hoses.

Post-extrusion, the hoses are cooled in a water bath to solidify their structure. The hoses were reinforced with a fabric core, the process involves bringing the inner core to room temperature, fortifying it with a fabric machine, and then applying the outer cover through additional extrusion.

Renowned for their versatility, the NovaNox® PVC spiral hoses are adept for many industrial purposes, including conveying aggressive substances such as chemicals, gases, and sludge. Their resilience against abrasion, antistatic properties, and thermal resistance ensures compliance with ISO 6940 standards for non-flammability. Additionally, they are certified safe for food industry applications and offer UV resistance.

Serving a broad spectrum of industries, NovaNox® PVC hoses are integral to general industry practices, chemical processing, and laboratory applications. They function efficiently as sealing components and protective layers, delivering reliability and safety where it matters most.

High-Quality NovaNox® PVC Hoses for Industrial Applications

Robust NovaNox® PU Hoses for Demanding Industrial Tasks

At the heart of NovaNox® PU hose production is the extrusion process, where PU granulate is heated to approximately 200°C to achieve the perfect consistency for molding. This meticulous approach ensures that the resulting hoses are of unmatched quality, benefitting from a drying process that removes moisture effectively and consistently, regardless of external climatic conditions.

The versatile NovaNox® transparent PU hoses, made from resilient polyurethane, cater to many industrial functions. Commonly utilized as suction and transport hoses or for water cooling systems, these hoses excel in versatility. Their ability to safely transport diverse materials—from gases and liquids to highly abrasive solids like sawdust, powder, cement, or granules—is unparalleled.

Optimized for performance, the smooth inner walls of our hoses ensure unimpeded media flow, complemented by their abrasion-resistant and antistatic nature. The thermal stability and remarkable material resistance of NovaNox® PU hoses allow them to withstand temperatures exceeding 110°C, enhancing their longevity and durability. Additionally, these hoses possess flame-retardant characteristics, making them a safe choice for various environments.

Despite their robustness, NovaNox® hoses are remarkably flexible, making them suitable for installation in confined spaces. Their high elasticity matches food-grade compliance, ensuring suitability for the food industry with resistance to hydrolysis and microbes. This makes them the industry's all-rounder, finding applications in woodwork, furniture, ceramics, mining, and even as a part of CO2 ring systems.

The benefits of NovaNox® polyurethane hoses stand out significantly: they exhibit far more excellent abrasion resistance than rubber counterparts and maintain cleanliness thanks to their smooth interior surfaces, which resist material buildup. Their suitability for moist media is guaranteed by their inherent resistance to hydrolysis and microbial growth.

Robust NovaNox® PU Hoses for Demanding Industrial Tasks


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