Robust Stainless Steel Hoses for Diverse Industrial Conveyance

Engineered to excel in industrial environments, our stainless steel conveying hoses are the epitome of versatility and durability for transporting a variety of solids, gases, and liquids. Ideal for systems involving dust extraction, suction, ventilation, and air conditioning, these hoses are designed to withstand aggressive media and significant thermal stress. Our hoses are meticulously crafted to handle demanding conditions, ensuring unwavering reliability in both indoor and outdoor settings. This commitment to safety and efficiency positions our stainless steel hoses as an indispensable asset in any industrial application, safeguarding both the environment and personnel.

Stainless steel conveying hose for industrial applications

Tailor-Made NovaNox® Stainless Steel Conveying Hoses for Every Industry

At NovaNox®, versatility meets precision in our customizable stainless steel conveying hoses, engineered to cater to a multitude of industrial applications. Each hose is uniquely crafted to meet diverse operational demands, ensuring optimal performance in any setting. We specialize in producing tailor-made stainless steel hoses, both with and without seals, to address the specific needs of our clients. Our expertise lies in adapting each NovaNox® hose to perfectly align with your unique requirements, particularly for handling highly aggressive media. Leveraging our extensive cross-industry experience, we offer not just products, but solutions — aiding in new product development, enhancements, and even cost-effective optimizations for your industrial processes.

Tailor-Made NovaNox® Stainless Steel Conveying Hoses for Every Industry

Unmatched Strength and Efficiency in NovaNox® Stainless Steel Hoses

The NovaNox® stainless steel conveying hose stands as a testament to multifaceted strength and efficiency, making it an ideal choice for diverse industrial applications. Its robust design enables the seamless and secure transportation of various materials, including highly abrasive substances like sawdust, powder, and granules. Beyond its impressive durability, the NovaNox® hose excels in thermal management. Capable of handling extreme temperatures, it safely conducts hot gases or air up to +650°C. This combination of power and performance positions the NovaNox® hose as a crucial component for industries demanding reliability and versatility in material handling.

Unmatched Strength and Efficiency in NovaNox® Stainless Steel Hoses

Advanced Design of NovaNox® Stainless Steel Transport Hoses

The NovaNox® transport hose exemplifies engineering excellence, constructed from premium-grade profiled stainless steel. These hoses are not just a part of our product line; they represent a commitment to superior mechanical and thermal resilience. Tailored to specific industrial needs, the NovaNox® hoses offer flexibility in design with options for varying wall thicknesses and optional sealing features. This amalgamation of quality construction and exceptional thermal capabilities broadens their applicability across a multitude of industrial sectors. Trust in NovaNox® to deliver a transport hose that is not only built to last but also designed to perform under a wide array of demanding conditions.

Advanced Design of NovaNox® Stainless Steel Transport Hoses

Customized stainless steel conveying hoses for conveying a wide variety of solids, gases and liquids.


Thick- and thin-walled stainless steel conveying hoses with or without seals.


Thermal resistance up to +650°C with excellent mechanical strength and flexibility.


At NovaNox®, we're not just suppliers; we're partners in your journey from innovative concept to successful series production. Our approach is collaborative and thorough, involving a deep dive into the installation environment and intended usage conditions of each product. Leveraging our expertise in feasibility and cost analysis, we offer rapid insights that streamline the development process. Our involvement aims to significantly reduce the time to market, ensuring a smooth transition to series production in line with your project timeline and budget. This strategic partnership offers our clients unparalleled security and efficiency, safeguarding your project's success every step of the way.

As a comprehensive system supplier, NovaNox® excels in delivering ready-to-install stainless steel conveying hoses, complete with all necessary components like hose clamps, sensors, and measuring indicators. Our service extends beyond mere supply; we manage the entire procurement process, ensuring punctuality, quality control, and precise assembly of various accessories. This meticulous attention to detail guarantees exceptional fitting accuracy, greatly enhancing convenience during final assembly and significantly reducing assembly times. Our direct procurement channels are strategically designed to optimize your supply chain efficiency. The custom-manufactured metal connections we provide are the cornerstone of our system solutions, especially sought after for their unmatched stability at critical connection points. These metal connections, in tandem with our flexible NovaNox® transport hoses, ensure a robust, mechanically resilient, and optimally sealed system.

From demand planning to logistics handling, we take over the complete process for our customers with our warehouse and logistics expertise. Existing warehousing and logistics processes of our customers are fully integrated. The process takeover is optimally supported by our own consignment warehouse. With more than 1,200 m² of storage space, we provide our customers with a large consignment warehouse. The NovaNox® consignment warehouse enables flexible and on-time call-offs. The optimal solution for a secure component supply with stainless steel conveying hoses from NovaNox® throughout the year. At the same time, the storage capacities of our customers are relieved.