Discover the Versatility of NovaNox® Piping for Industrial Applications

Engineered for diverse applications in machinery, plants, and vehicles, NovaNox® piping systems excel in versatility and quality. Utilizing advanced production techniques, our pipes are shaped through mandrel and roll bending processes, allowing for complex geometries tailored to precise specifications. Whether you need charge air pipes, cooling water pipes, or hydraulic pipes, NovaNox® ensures each pipe is crafted to meet rigorous standards, available in materials like steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

Employing cutting-edge manufacturing technologies, NovaNox® creates both seamless and welded pipes, characterized by varying diameters and wall thicknesses to suit specific needs. Each pipe undergoes a meticulous surface treatment to enhance corrosion resistance, while also delivering exceptional flexibility, strength, and thermal conductivity.

At NovaNox®, quality assurance and customer satisfaction are paramount. Manufactured under stringent quality controls, our piping solutions adhere to the highest industrial standards. We offer bespoke system solutions and expert advice to help you choose the perfect piping for your requirements. Schedule a no-obligation consultation with our experienced staff today.

Trust NovaNox® for reliable, high-quality piping solutions that drive the performance of your industrial machinery, plants, and vehicles.

Piping - the perfect choice for machines, plants and vehicles

Tailored Piping Solutions from NovaNox®

NovaNox® leverages extensive experience in pipe technology to deliver expertly crafted, custom piping solutions for manufacturers in the machinery, equipment, and vehicle sectors. Our pipes, made from the highest quality steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, are bent and welded to meet diverse industrial needs.

Equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities, NovaNox® designs and produces pipelines with varying complexities and dimensions tailored to fit any installation requirement. Each pipeline is engineered to optimize space and functionality in even the most constrained environments.

Our comprehensive range of surface treatments and finishes ensures that each pipe is ready for immediate installation, offering durability and enhanced performance. Rely on NovaNox®'s proven track record for bespoke piping solutions that conform to the highest standards of quality and efficiency.

Tailored Piping Solutions from NovaNox®

Common Questions About NovaNox® Pipeline Solutions

NovaNox® provides a selection of high-quality materials for its piping solutions, including robust steel, corrosion-resistant stainless steel, and lightweight aluminum, catering to diverse industrial needs.

Utilizing advanced manufacturing techniques like mandrel bending and roll bending, NovaNox® expertly crafts piping with complex geometries. Each pipe is securely welded to ensure durability and integrity in all applications.

NovaNox® piping systems are incredibly versatile, ideal for various applications including charge air pipes, cooling water pipes, and hydraulic pipes, ensuring optimal functionality across multiple industries.


NovaNox® utilizes Finite Element Method (FEM) calculations to enhance product reliability from the earliest stages of development. By simulating structural, fatigue, and material efficiencies, we identify potential challenges before production begins. Our advanced FEM analysis includes linear and non-linear calculations to model different force effects, temperature changes, and electrical stresses, ensuring that all products withstand real-world conditions. Our FEM services support technical approvals, production releases, and product liability claims, adhering to international standards for accuracy and reliability.

At NovaNox®, we provide precise technical drawings in 2D (DXF, DWG, PDF) and 3D (STEP) formats to meet any design requirement. From individual part drawings to comprehensive assembly diagrams, our detailed documentation ensures that all components fit perfectly and meet your specific needs. This proactive approach optimizes communication across development phases and enhances manufacturing efficiency, allowing for pre-production adjustments and fulfilling diverse information needs efficiently.

We collaborate closely with clients during the prototype and series construction phases to ensure that the final product mirrors the intended design and meets cost and time objectives. Our process includes a detailed analysis of First Article Inspection (FAI) results to refine manufacturing methods, enhancing both efficiency and profitability. This strategic approach significantly accelerates production timelines and ensures a smooth transition to mass production.

As a full-service system supplier, NovaNox® manages all aspects of component supply and logistics to streamline your operations. Our consignment warehouse, spanning over 1,200 m², allows us to store large quantities of materials, reducing costs and ensuring a steady supply for series production. We integrate seamlessly with your existing logistics frameworks, guaranteeing an efficient, uninterrupted supply chain and flexible on-demand delivery of NovaNox® steel tubes throughout the year.


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NovaNox® is a system supplier for manufacturers of machines, plants and vehicle technology. We specialize in hose technology, pipe technology, insulation technology, exhaust gas technology, tank technology and piping. From development and prototype production to series production.