NovaNox®: Leading the Way in Precision and Quality for Custom Pipe Bending Solutions

At NovaNox®, we bring precision and quality to the forefront in the tube bending industry with our state-of-the-art technology and experienced specialists. Our capability to precisely bend tubes of various sizes and materials sets us apart, making us a trusted partner for diverse industrial applications.

Collaboration is key at NovaNox®. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to ensure every project aligns with their exact specifications. Our repertoire includes advanced bending options like mandrel bending and roll bending, enabling us to craft complex geometries and adhere to tight tolerances – a hallmark of our service valued across multiple industries.

Sustainability is not just a word for us; it's a commitment. In manufacturing our high-quality pipe bending products, we prioritize environmentally friendly technologies. This approach aligns with our goal to deliver top-tier products while minimizing our ecological impact.

Our drive for innovation at NovaNox® is relentless. We consistently invest in research and development, aiming to enhance our custom pipe fabrication services continually. Exceeding customer expectations isn’t just our goal—it's our standard.

Whether it's a unique, one-off piece or a large-scale series production, our extensive experience in customized tube bending ensures we can meet any demand. Our expertise is not just in bending pipes but in molding solutions to fit your specific needs.

Excellence at NovaNox® extends beyond our products to our customer service. We are always ready to assist, whether it’s answering queries or helping you select the perfect product for your project. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is unwavering.

Partnering with NovaNox® means enjoying flexible payment options and the assurance of timely delivery, thanks to our strong supplier relationships. We stand by our promise of customer satisfaction, every step of the way.

Contact us today to explore our advanced tube bending technology and request a quote for your project. Let us show you why NovaNox® is the preferred choice for professional tube bending specialists.

Customized Pipe Bending Solutions by NovaNox®: Precision for Every Application

At NovaNox®, our extensive experience as a Tier-1 supplier in pipe technology enables us to excel in developing and producing custom pipe bending solutions for manufacturers in machinery, plants, and vehicle technology sectors. We specialize in bending and welding pipes using high-quality materials like steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, ensuring durability and precision in every piece.

Our modern manufacturing capabilities are at the core of our service. We can create piping for any installation scenario, ranging from the simplest to the most complex geometries. This flexibility allows us to accommodate a wide variety of dimensions, ensuring that NovaNox® pipelines are always tailor-made to fit the unique installation needs of our clients. This adaptability is especially beneficial in effectively utilizing tight installation spaces, a frequent challenge in industrial applications.

The custom pipe fabrication services we offer at NovaNox® go beyond mere bending. We provide comprehensive solutions that encompass the entire process from design to installation. Our team of experts works closely with each client, understanding their specific requirements and delivering piping that not only fits but enhances the overall functionality of their systems.

Choosing NovaNox® for your customized tube bending needs means partnering with a leader in the field. Our commitment to excellence, combined with our innovative approach and use of eco-friendly pipe bending techniques, ensures that every project we undertake is a testament to our expertise in the industry.

Advanced Tube Bending Technology at NovaNox®: Precision in Every Bend

At NovaNox®, innovation in pipe bending is not just a goal; it's a reality. Our pipes are a testament to innovative design, made possible through a variety of bending processes and techniques. Whether it's mandrel bending—where tubes are shaped around a tool with the support of a mandrel—or roll bending—where tubes are deformed using adjustable rollers, we ensure variable and tight bending radii. Notably, both processes are expertly performed on 'cold' tubes.

Opting for cold bending of tubes offers numerous advantages over traditional hot bending methods. These include:

  • A broader range of tube and profile machining operations.
  • Capability for several transition bends on one pipe.
  • A more cost-effective and faster implementation.

However, to maintain our hallmark of high quality, we specialize in pipes up to a maximum diameter of 2 meters. This focus allows us to ensure top-tier precision in every project.

Quality is paramount at NovaNox®. We meticulously test our materials to guarantee 100% traceability and maintain the highest quality standards. This commitment to excellence is evident in every product we deliver.

Our custom pipe bending solutions find applications across various industries, showcasing their versatility and effectiveness. These include:

  • Mechanical and plant engineering.
  • Tractors and agricultural machinery.
  • Light metal construction.
  • Automotive industry.
  • Construction industry.
  • Furniture industry.
  • Power plant and biogas plant construction.

Expert Welding and Comprehensive Tube Processing at NovaNox®

As a leader in the field, NovaNox® is your go-to partner for all types of welding work. We specialize in professional tube processing that can handle both simple and complex geometries. Our approach involves utilizing various welding processes, each chosen for its optimal suitability based on the project requirements and materials involved.

Our welding techniques encompass:

  • MIG and MAG welding: Utilizing either inert (MIG) or active (MAG) shielding gases, this process is ideal for steels and non-ferrous metals.
  • TIG welding: Known for its use of an inert shielding gas (tungsten inert gas) and a non-melting electrode rod, this method is predominantly used for high-quality stainless steels and aluminum.
  • Brazing: Employing a brazing flame and a brazing alloy with a lower melting point than the base material, this technique is mainly applied to copper tubes.


These state-of-the-art procedures ensure watertight welds and continuous wire arc welds. Our team of qualified and experienced welders adheres to the highest standards and guidelines, guaranteeing the best results for our clients.

But our expertise doesn't stop at welding. We also offer a range of additional services, including lasering, milling, turning, riveting, grinding, and final assembly. With NovaNox®, you benefit from a comprehensive solution — everything you need, all from a single source.


FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Tube bending by NovaNox® is a precision-driven process, crucial in machinery, equipment, and vehicle manufacturing, where tubes are formed into specific shapes and angles to meet diverse application needs.

Absolutely. NovaNox®'s advanced manufacturing capabilities enable the production of complex geometries while maintaining tight tolerances. Learn more about our specialized 'CNC tube bending' services on our dedicated page.

At NovaNox®, sustainability is a core value. We utilize environmentally friendly technologies throughout our product manufacturing process, aligning with our commitment to ecological responsibility.


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