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Innovative agricultural technology

AGRITECHNICA, the world-renowned trade fair for agricultural technology, takes place every two years. We at NovaNox® have recognized the importance of this and have taken the initiative. Our Managing Director Deniz Demirci and Marketing & Project Manager Jan Hinze made the journey this year to get an overview of the latest technologies in agriculture and agricultural machinery.

We went from hall to hall, looked around and had some interesting conversations with the leading minds of the industry leaders. And there were two topics in particular. FUTURE MEETS FARMING and NO EMISSION. But what exactly that means and how interesting we found it can be read in the article. ... learn more

The time of giving

Every year, the anticipation of the most wonderful time of the year builds up in the NovaNox® offices and we have thought of something nice for this Christmas. We at NovaNox® have donated part of our Christmas budget this year to the „Päckchen für Braunschweig“ association. This will enable children in need to have the Christmas they deserve.

Päckchen für Braunschweig E.V. has set itself the task of pursuing this mission and sends parcels to these children so that they can look forward to a present under the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. To carry out this campaign, under the voluntary leadership of Julia Swiatkowski, the association needs donations in kind, which it receives from citizens and companies alike. Of course, the donors themselves decide what is inside the gifts. However, the gifts in the form of donations should be something new, adapted to the target group of 0-18 year olds and should not be fragile or perishable. Donors can hand in their parcels at five collection points in Braunschweig ... discover more

The courage to transform

Courage for transformation through digitalization. As part of the event "Qualification. Skilled workers. Future. With a strong network for a strong region", the continuing education association ko:nect, together with IG Metall SüdOstNiedersachsen and representatives from the region, discussed the question of how companies can benefit from digitalization and transformation and to what extent further training can represent an opportunity for companies with a shortage of skilled workers. ... learn more

Promoting education

Recently, our Managing Director Deniz Demirci was invited by the Sidonienstraße secondary school to present our company to the pupils in a slightly different business lesson and to answer questions from the young people in year 8.

After an introduction, it was the pupils' turn to ask their questions. The questions ranged from how to set up a company and what you personally need for it to the question of what NovaNox®'s marketing strategy is ... learn more

10 years of NovaNox®

In July 2012, exactly 10 years ago, Managing Directors Deniz Demirci and Timo Dutko founded NovaNox® GmbH und Co. KG. with the main aim of producing highly specific system solutions for machines, systems and vehicles that increase the performance and durability of these systems. And although all beginnings are difficult, the managing directors look back on the beginnings of NovaNox® with a smile, even ten years after the system supplier was founded. And in this article, we take a short trip back in time together ... learn more


The colors of the rainbow shine in many countries this month, but what exactly is being celebrated? The entire month is dedicated to Pride Month. Tolerance. Acceptance. Equal rights. Self-evident principles and rights that supporters of the LGBTQ+ community have to fight for every day. Injustice and intolerance are often part of everyday life in this diverse community. Our corporate culture, on the other hand, is characterized by mutual respect and remarkable equality among all team members. Here, no one is excluded or discriminated against because of their sexual orientation.

What exactly are the origins of Pride Month and why is it celebrated in June of all months? ... find out more

Bull's eye!

As NovaNox® GmbH und Co KG, we support and encourage young talents when it comes to demonstrating their playing skills. For this reason, your system supplier is now a sponsor of the talented SV-Gartenstadt. Because our core values include more than just sustainability and education. A good work-life balance and a regular outlet through sport are also of the utmost importance.

SV-Gartenstadt was founded in 1960 and has been one of the regional soccer teams in Braunschweig ever since. Its services include not only the training of various soccer youth teams, but also gymnastics and yoga classes for different age groups. Full of enthusiasm and commitment, young talents have been trained and physically encouraged here for 62 years. Naturally, NovaNox® supports the local club and encourages this enthusiasm. ... learn more

Safe and precise research with NovaNox®

For the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt in Braunschweig, NovaNox® GmbH und Co. KG produced customized insulation that prevents heat loss and increases work safety in order to continue to ensure efficient research. With our advanced insulation technology, we can offer you individual system solutions. NovaNox® is YOUR system supplier when it comes to insulation. ... learn more

A new technological start

NovaNox® has already proven that sustainability is not just a buzzword by being awarded the Lower Saxony Alliance for Sustainability label. Now we have successfully taken another step towards a more environmentally friendly future. With our new, sustainable textile insulations, we are actively helping to establish resource-saving solutions in the industry.

To demonstrate this sustainability, they are presented with a leaf green outer layer to show the improvement in your green footprint. ... learn more

Everyone involved pulls together!

The "ValiKom Transfer" project is now an integral part of the IHK Braunschweig's training and further education program. The good cooperation with committed vocational experts such as Deniz Demirci is crucial for this.

Demirci has been working as an assessor in the office management assistant profession for almost a year.

In this interview, Demirci offers an insight into the BMBF-funded project, in which people who lack a vocational qualification in their chosen field can demonstrate their professional skills and receive an IHK certificate in return. ... learn more

Sustainability is important to us!

The moment has finally arrived!

NovaNox GmbH & Co. KG has been awarded the "Wir sind dabei" seal of approval by the Alliance for Sustainability for its commitment to sustainability.

The Alliance for Sustainability is a partnership between the state government, trade unions, chambers and business associations in Lower Saxony. Its aim is to promote and support companies in Lower Saxony in the areas of ecological, economic and social sustainability. In order to achieve this goal, the exchange of information between the companies in the areas of solar energy, determination of the CO2 footprint, as well as energy and material efficiency is to be strengthened. ... learn more