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Individual insulation technology for manufacturers of machines, plants and automotive engineering

Are you looking for insulation technology as a manufacturer or developer? Then NovaNox® is the right place for you.

NovaNox® has been manufacturing custom insulations for more than a decade. These vary from textile insulations to metallic insulations. If you are looking for individual, custom-fit and ready-to-install system solutions, specifically manufactured industrial insulations await you at NovaNox®. Our product portfolio includes insulating pads, insulating mattresses, insulating sleeves, stitch-bonded mats or integral insulations. As a manufacturer of insulation technology, NovaNox® textile insulations are produced in different fabric combinations depending on the application conditions. The radiated heat of your system is reduced to a minimum. In addition, NovaNox® insulation technology offers excellent fire protection, thermal insulation of any component and efficient sound insulation. Thus, the performance of your system can be increased for a long time. Furthermore, with NovaNox® insulation technology you improve your green footprint, as the energy savings contribute to environmental protection.

Textile and metallic insulation technology from NovaNox® is optimally adapted to your system. They are weather-resistant and protect surrounding components and your employees from strong contact heat. Flexible punching out means that brackets and sensors remain accessible. You gain absolute mounting comfort and ensure a significant increase in performance. Insulating pockets are also used for a wide range of applications. Thanks to their ease of assembly, they can be used in a wide variety of applications and are particularly resistant to media and temperatures. In addition, textile insulations are available in the form of insulating mattresses and insulating pads. Whether for pipelines, boilers or gas turbines, insulating pads and insulating pockets can also be used in a variety of ways. With the aid of variously adapted fabric combinations, insulating pads and insulating pockets have optimum insulating properties. Reduction of radiated heat, protection against flying sparks and high contact heat can be ensured. Insulating sleeves are also optimally adapted to your installation situation. Thus, you have the choice between different high-quality textile insulations at competitive prices. Together we will find the optimal insulation solution for your system or components.

However, as a manufacturer of insulation technology, not only textile insulation is part of our product portfolio, but also metallic insulation or so-called integral insulation. Integral insulations are used for exhaust pipes and engines and reduce the radiated heat to a minimum. NovaNox® integral insulations are manufactured according to customer specifications and contours. To ensure absolute accuracy of fit, the butt edges are tightly welded. Thanks to individual cuts, brackets and sensors remain accessible to you. NovaNox® integral insulations provide significant weight savings, thanks to the thin stainless steel foil. This means that every centimeter of your installation space can be used effectively.

As a manufacturer for insulation technology, NovaNox® offers not only different material compositions, but also different sealing techniques. Find out which sealing technique is best suited for your system.

An individual insulation solution is to be developed for you? NovaNox® is THE system supplier and manufacturer for insulation technology. Book a non-binding initial consultation at the bottom of the page now and let one of our experts advise you!

Sustainable insulation from NovaNox®

In 2021, NovaNox® was one of only a few companies to be awarded the Alliance for Sustainability seal of approval. NovaNox® sustainable insulation is manufactured entirely without calcium, sodium or potassium. By not using calcium, potassium or sodium, the formation of environmentally harmful chromates can be prevented. Visually, the sustainable insulations stand out due to their green coloring.

As THE system supplier for insulation technology, NovaNox manufactures both binder-containing and binder-free insulations, which optimally meet your requirements profile. Knock-outs or punch-outs are also carried out by trained specialists and ensure that mounts and sensors remain accessible. NovaNox® insulation solutions are designed to elicit maximum process performance from your system.

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NovaNox® Insulating Mattresses & Insulating Pillows

Insulation mattresses & insulation pads from NovaNox® / Insulation technology
Insulation mattresses and insulation pads are an essential part of insulation technology. Whether pipelines, boilers or gas turbines, they can be used in many ways in insulation technology and are therefore indispensable. They serve to reduce radiated heat, protect against flying sparks, molten metal and high contact heat.

Characteristic of insulation technology constructions are usually the various fabric combinations that have optimal insulating properties, which is the main task of insulation technology. The system temperature is kept constant as heat loss is avoided. At the same time, workers are not unnecessarily endangered in their work. In addition, there is the protection against wear and the permanent conditions that insulation technology constructions have to withstand.

Insulation mattresses & pillows

NovaNox® insulating pockets

Insulation bags from NovaNox® / insulation technology
Insulating pockets are also important constructions in insulation technology, as they can be used in a variety of ways. Fabric combinations vary depending on the area of application. Characteristic and fundamental in insulation technology must be very good insulating properties, especially against aggressive media.

Insulating bags provide reliable protection against fire, sparks, liquid metal, acids and high temperatures. For this reason, insulating bags are suitable as heat and cold protection for accumulators and batteries or other sensitive components. In addition, explosive substances can be safely stored and transported in insulated bags.

Insulated bags

NovaNox® insulating sleeves

Insulating sleeves from NovaNox® / Insulation technology
Due to their specific material composition, NovaNox® insulating sleeves are capable of efficiently and reliably insulating temperature peaks of up to +1200°C. In the short term, even temperatures of up to +1600°C can be insulated. Insulating sleeves are mostly used to insulate turbines, heating pipes, heat exchangers, machines or exhaust pipes. Energy consumption can be significantly reduced by using insulating sleeves. In addition, insulating sleeves contribute to increased occupational safety. Thanks to state-of-the-art production methods, both small and large series can be manufactured in a timely manner. The many years of expertise of your system supplier are always at your disposal. Throughout the entire product life cycle, you can use the 1200sqm consignment warehouse, enabling you to obtain your system solutions on time or on call. NovaNox® insulation solutions are subjected to strict quality control and manufactured specifically for your system.

You need customized insulation sleeves for your machine, plant or vehicle? NovaNox® is THE system supplier for insulation technology and equips you with the highest quality industrial insulation.

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Insulating sleeves

Insulation for engines and exhaust pipes NovaNox®.

Insulation for engines and exhaust pipes from NovaNox® / Isoliertechnik
Engines and exhaust pipes in machines, plants and vehicle technology emit enormous heat due to hot exhaust gases. This heat is optimally reduced with the help of our constructions in the field of insulation technology. Advantages such as reduction of heat loss and energy consumption are also evident here, as these are characteristic of insulation technology designs. Protection against contact and reliability are guaranteed here. NovaNox® textile insulation solutions have very good insulating properties and reduce generated radiant heat of up to +1,200°C to an extreme minimum. In addition, the insulations are manufactured to fit the contours. You can assume 100% accuracy of fit, which is a must in insulation technology.


Textile insulation - Stampings

As THE system supplier for insulation technology, we manufacture custom-made punched parts and shaped cuts and offer you the possibility of punching or cutting our insulation with the highest precision according to your individual requirements.
Die-cuts are used in insulation technology to protect electrical lines and equipment from electrical damage and overheating. They serve as insulating material and can be used in many different applications, such as electrical engineering: Stamped parts are used to insulate electrical lines and circuits in electrical devices and machines. They protect against electrical damage caused by short circuits and overheating. NovaNox® stampings are made of aramide fabric and can withstand temperatures of up to 350°C.

Individual die-cut parts and blanks for insulation from NovaNox® are used in the machine, plant and vehicle industry as well as the energy industry for the insulation of electrical devices and circuits in machines, plants and vehicles. All stamped parts are made to measure using the latest production methods and can be realized in simple as well as complex geometric shapes.

NovaNox® stampings provide excellent electrical insulation to protect your employees, in addition to protecting and stabilizing system components.

Do you need customized stamped parts for your projects to insulate your machines, systems and vehicles? Then book a no-obligation consultation with our experts here now.

Metallic insulations NovaNox®

Metallic insulations NovaNox® / Insulation technology
However, we not only offer textile products in the field of insulation technology, but also metallic or integral insulation. Integral insulations are used for engines and exhaust pipes and reduce the radiated heat.
With our many years of experience in insulation technology, we develop and produce customized integral insulations for engines and exhaust pipes. Once again, the ideal insulating properties are characteristic. NovaNox® integral insulation is manufactured to fit the contour. In the process, the butt edges are tightly welded. Absolute accuracy of fit is guaranteed and customer-specific requirements are taken into account. Thanks to the individual cut, connection points, brackets or sensors remain accessible.   
Due to the thin stainless steel foil and the resulting low weight, this insulation system is particularly suitable in very tight installation spaces with very high radiated heat. NovaNox® integral insulation is mainly used to protect temperature-sensitive engine components such as manifolds, turbochargers, exhaust housings, downpipes, catalytic converters and mufflers.
Metallic insulations

Constructions of insulation technology usually have an inner and outer fabric. In addition, they include the internal insulation. The interaction of these components provides the ideal combination in our insulation technology products. Mechanical loads can be withstood with ease. With the help of various materials in the different fabrics, maximum insulation efficiency is ensured, while also maximizing the longevity of the insulations.

Closure techniques
As a specialist in the field of insulation technology, it is not only our task to offer you a wide range in the field of insulation itself, but also a large selection of different closure techniques. NovaNox® insulation pads and insulation mattresses are individually provided with closures for each installation situation. A distinction is made between fastening with a stainless steel wire, fastening with tension springs, buckles and webbing and Velcro fasteners. All these fasteners have a high and variable tensile strength and guarantee absolute reliability when closing your insulation. Disassembly and assembly is extremely fast and ensures a long lifetime due to reusability. In addition, heat losses are reduced to a minimum. The choice of closures depends on the size and positioning of the insulations.

NovaNox® is not only THE system supplier for insulation technology, but also your personal development partner throughout the entire project. The goal here is to ensure time and cost savings with the help of a transparent communication culture. Even during the prototype phase, optimization potential is constantly identified and exploited. Through the individual production of NovaNox® system components, on the one hand the longevity of your system should be guaranteed, on the other hand the maximum process performance of your system should be supported and promoted with the help of NovaNox® insulation. Planning and measurements are taken personally on site to ensure absolute accuracy of fit. The installation of insulation pads and insulation mattresses is particularly complex in special installation situations. For this reason, the final assembly is taken by our trained team and all your components are optimally insulated down to the last detail.
By working closely with you in the prototype phase, a result as close to series production as possible can be achieved at an early stage. Planning, design layout and all important development steps are determined together with you to ensure optimal results. The manufacturing process is analyzed and optimized with regard to the highest possible efficiency.

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