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Insulating sleeves for industrial applications

NovaNox® insulating sleeves are an outstanding choice for insulating turbines, heating pipes and heat exchangers. With their specific material composition, they can effectively and reliably insulate temperatures of up to +1200°C. Even short-term peaks of up to +1600°C can be insulated without any problems.

The advantages of NovaNox® insulating sleeves are evident: they offer enormous energy and cost savings as well as protection against contact and burns. By reducing heating times and minimizing energy losses, they cut energy consumption considerably. In addition, they increase occupational safety.

NovaNox® insulating sleeves are also extremely resistant to aggressive media. This allows them to be used in demanding environments without compromising their performance.

In summary, NovaNox® insulating sleeves are an excellent choice for manufacturers industrial applications that value quality and reliability.

With their excellent insulating properties and resistance to aggressive media, they offer an effective system solution.
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Insulating sleeves for industrial applications

Individual insulating sleeves

Thanks to many years of experience in insulation technology, we can offer our customers high-quality and reliable products. Customized solutions from NovaNox® enable optimum performance and maximum safety for your applications.

NovaNox® insulation sleeves are extremely resistant to aggressive media and have outstanding insulating properties. They are ideal for insulating pipelines, heat exchangers, turbines or exhaust gas lines to protect against flying sparks and fire, liquid metal splashes, high radiant heat or high contact heat.

The insulating sleeves are manufactured to fit the contours and fit tightly and accurately against the components. This prevents the leakage of hazardous substances and ensures optimum insulation performance. NovaNox® thus provides you with a tailor-made solution for your specific installation space situation.

Individual insulating sleeves

Structure and performance of NovaNox® insulating sleeves

The inner fabric of the NovaNox® insulating sleeves is made of tested glass fabric and can optionally be provided with a wire reinforcement made of V4A - stainless steel to withstand high vibrations and mechanical loads. This combination of materials ensures reliable function in continuous operation and a longer service life. The inner fabric can be coated with PU, PTFE or aluminum, depending on the requirements, to make the sleeves more resistant to chemicals, oils, gases, water and permanent weather conditions.

The outer fabric is also made of high quality glass fabric and can be supplemented with a coating of PU, PTFE or aluminum to give the insulation additional protection against chemicals, oils, gases, water and permanent weathering. The outermost coating effectively protects the inner fabric and the insulation inside, resulting in a longer service life for NovaNox® insulation sleeves. In addition, they impress with maximum insulation efficiency.

The internal insulation consists of high-quality glass fleece and forms the core of the NovaNox® insulating sleeves. It is inserted between the inner and outer fabric and has excellent temperature resistance, easily withstanding temperatures of up to 1,200°C.

Structure and performance of NovaNox® insulating sleeves

Closure technology

NovaNox® offers customized heat-insulating sleeves with individual closures for every installation space situation. The intelligent closure technologies enable quick assembly and disassembly for maintenance or repairs. Thanks to the attached handles, transport is also extremely convenient. The insulations are reusable and adaptable, have a long service life and reduce heat losses to a minimum.

Fastening with stainless steel wire
Fastening with stainless steel wire is an inexpensive and common fastening method. The wire is wrapped around tightly sewn hooks, which takes a little more time during maintenance. However, the stainless steel wire offers a high and variable tensile strength and is very temperature and weather resistant due to the high quality stainless steel.

Fastening with tension springs
Stainless steel tension springs are a cost-effective fastening method. Compared to stainless steel wire, they are easier to handle. However, they lack variability because the tensile force is determined by fixed hooks and no adjustments can be made later. Nevertheless, thanks to the use of stainless steel, this fastening solution is highly resistant to temperature and weather conditions.

Fastening with buckles and webbing
For machines that require regular maintenance or inspection, buckles and webbing are ideal. These are made of stainless steel and high-quality fabric and are extremely easy to use. The NovaNox® heat-insulating sleeve can be installed and removed in seconds, even when wearing work gloves. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials, this fastening solution is robust as well as temperature and weather resistant.

Velcro fastener
The Velcro fastener is an excellent choice for frequent maintenance and repairs. It can withstand temperatures of up to 240°C and offers easy handling as well as quick disassembly and assembly. Its space-saving and low-profile design also makes it ideal for use in tight installation spaces. Compared to other closure types such as buckles and webbing, the hook-and-loop fastener offers an equally optimal solution for these applications.

Closure technology

Individual insulating sleeves


For temperatures up to +1,000°C


Weight and space saving


As a system supplier for manufacturers in mechanical engineering, plant construction and vehicle construction, we take over the complete planning and measurement on site for you. In the course of planning, we take over the measurement of the components, which ensures 100% accuracy of fit. Subsequently, we can adapt and optimize the planned cutting and construction of your insulating sleeves. In this way, we offer you considerable cost-saving potential and guarantee a high level of fitting accuracy.

Planning and measurement

In order for your systems to work smoothly and your sleeves to work optimally, it requires a sophisticated and professional installation of your NovaNox® thermal insulating sleeves.

To ensure these points, we provide a trained team. It works quickly and reliably and takes over the final assembly for you. Through this support, you save significantly on labor and your special components are insulated in the best possible way and down to the smallest detail.


We work closely with you in the planning, development and design of the construction, the manufacturing process and, of course, the material, in order to provide you with a near-series result already in the prototype phase. This ensures optimal results and your time and cost schedules can be met.

Then, to further optimize and improve the products, we analyze the results of the First Article Inspection (FAI), making the manufacturing process more efficient and economical. Furthermore, we help to significantly shorten the time-to-market and to successfully start series production with your product according to plan. Above all, this saves the project budget and ensures increased security for your planning.

Prototype and series construction

We will gladly take over the complete process for you, from requirements planning to logistical handling. In addition, we provide you with a consignment warehouse with an area of 1,200 sqm to ensure uninterrupted production processes. This saves costs, as you do not have to use your own storage capacities. In addition, you can produce in larger batch sizes at significantly lower cost.

By taking over the processes and our consignment warehouse, your component supply for series production is secured. You can have your components delivered on time and on demand. In addition, your logistics processes are completely integrated. Through all these points, we guarantee a secure component supply of NovaNox® insulating sleeves throughout the year.

The type identification ensures easy traceability of your textile cuffs. The complete route from production to application is recorded in detail and can therefore be traced. This proof gives you even more security.

Depending on the material and stress, different types of type markings can be realized:

  • Metal labels with laser engraving
  • Sewn labels

You receive your personal identification for traceability. You can choose between symbols, numbers or letters. Book your personal initial consultation at the bottom of this page today to find the best solution for your installation space situation!

Type designation

Fields of application

Pipelines are insulated first and foremost because there is a risk of considerable energy or heat loss in an uninsulated pipeline. On the way the medium travels through the pipelines, heat is released throughout. In order to retain heat during this process and thus save costs, NovaNox® pipe insulations are the perfect solution. They reduce heat and energy loss to a minimum. Book your no-obligation initial consultation today and talk to one of our team about your perfect pipe insulation.

An uninsulated heat exchanger is a constant cost driver. Since thermal energy is transferred in a plate heat exchanger, shell and tube heat exchanger or exhaust gas heat exchanger, the loss of heat and energy is particularly high here. NovaNox® thermal insulation sleeves offer heat loss reduced to the minimum to make your system as cost-efficient as possible. Furthermore, the textile sleeve ensures increased work safety, as it brings with it very good protection against contact.

Whether gas turbines, water turbines, steam turbines or wind turbines. Turbines are the heart of power plants or machines. It is therefore all the more important to protect them so that they function properly and have an increased service life. NovaNox® insulating sleeves are the best way to achieve this protection. They minimize energy loss and also insulate noise. In addition, your employees are protected in the best possible way when working on and around the turbine, as the sleeve closes off dangerous heat points.

Heating systems and heating pipes lose a lot of energy when they are located in cold rooms or the pipes run along them. To counteract this energy loss and the resulting additional costs, heating pipe insulation is essential. The NovaNox® heating pipe insulation is the most suitable solution. Individually tailored to your pipes and heating system, they ensure high cost savings and thus usually pay for themselves during the first year of use.

With machines and other hot components, there is a considerable risk of burns for your employees. NovaNox® machine insulations eliminate this danger with their contact protection. The high-quality insulations also ensure considerable cost savings, as less heat and energy is lost.

The hot exhaust gases constantly change the temperatures of the metal walls in the exhaust pipes. There is a risk of overheating at any time, which can lead to a defect in the entire exhaust system. To prevent this danger, the installation of an insulating sleeve is a must. The heat-insulating sleeve regulates the temperature and ensures smooth operation in your exhaust system.

The temperature in the boiler is highly relevant in many machines. If the temperature is too low, the machine must constantly reheat. To put this problem into perspective, the high-quality NovaNox® boiler insulation can be used. This means that the machine has to reheat much less frequently and the temperature remains constant for longer. As a nice side effect, the adjacent components are less exposed to heat, which can significantly extend their service life.