Essential Hydraulic Tubes for Machinery, Equipment, and Automotive Engineering

Hydraulic tubes are critical components of hydraulic systems, serving as pressure lines to transmit power, energy, and signals across various industrial and automotive applications. Typically filled with hydraulic oil, these systems are foundational to the functionality of complex machinery and vehicles.

Hydraulic tubes must be exceptionally robust and securely installed to ensure seamless, trouble-free operations. Key considerations in their selection include material composition, size, thickness, and tolerance levels, each playing a pivotal role in the system's overall reliability and efficiency.

The tensile strength of hydraulic tubes is vital, as they must withstand high pressures and mechanical stresses without breaking or deforming. This strength is crucial not only for maintaining structural integrity but also for ensuring long-term durability under demanding conditions.

Furthermore, the integrity of the hydraulic system depends on the airtightness of these tubes. Any leakage can cause significant pressure drops and reduce system efficiency, making the selection and installation of high-quality tubes paramount. Properly fitted hydraulic tubes prevent leaks, preserving the power of the hydraulic system and optimizing its performance.

Ultimately, the successful operation of hydraulic systems in machinery, equipment, and vehicles relies on the careful selection and expert installation of hydraulic tubing. Using tubes with high tensile strength and advanced connection technologies ensures maximum safety and operational efficiency.

Hydraulic tubes for machinery, equipment and automotive engineering

Customized hydraulic tubes from NovaNox®.

As a leader in tube technology, NovaNox® specializes in the creation of tailor-made hydraulic tubes, catering specifically to the needs of vehicle technology manufacturers, as well as machine and plant builders. Leveraging years of industry experience and extensive technical expertise, we craft solutions that precisely meet any application requirement.

Constructed from premium steel or stainless steel, our hydraulic tubes are engineered to withstand the intense demands of any hydraulic system. Thanks to our advanced manufacturing techniques, we are capable of forming both straightforward and intricate designs that align perfectly with unique installation scenarios.

Our ability to customize hydraulic tubes extends to accommodating restrictive installation spaces, ensuring each tube integrates seamlessly into your existing systems. This adaptability allows our clients to achieve the most effective configurations for their specific operational needs.

At NovaNox®, we recognize the distinctiveness of each project and its specific demands. That's why we provide dedicated expert consultations to guide our clients through the customization process. Our team is committed to supporting you in developing hydraulic tube solutions that not only meet but exceed your expectations. Contact us today to discuss how we can assist with your project's unique hydraulic needs.

Customized hydraulic tubes from NovaNox®.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Hydraulic tubes are essential components in hydraulic systems, acting as pressure lines to transmit power, energy, and signals across various applications. They are crucial for the smooth operation of many types of machinery and vehicles.

Hydraulic tubes are primarily made from robust materials like steel and stainless steel to ensure strength and durability. For specific applications, materials such as plastic and copper may also be used to meet unique requirements.


Customized hydraulic tubes

Complex geometries

Complex geometries welded and bent


Pipe finishing and surface treatments


NovaNox® employs Finite Element Method (FEM) calculations to ensure the structural integrity, fatigue strength, and material efficiency of your hydraulic systems from the early development phases. These calculations allow us to preview the impact of mechanical, thermal, and electrical stresses on product designs, facilitating adjustments before prototype development. This proactive approach provides critical data for technical approvals and production clearances, ensuring all NovaNox® products meet global standards.

  • Linear and non-linear structural mechanics calculations
  • Analysis of deformations, stiffness, and stability
  • Consideration of natural vibrations
  • Transient structural and collision analyses
  • Temperature field calculations (both stationary and transient)
  • CAE-supported fatigue analysis using nCode

Our technical drawing services encompass both 2D (DXF, DWG, PDF) and 3D (STEP) formats, providing detailed component, assembly, and general drawings tailored to your specific requirements. This meticulous documentation ensures seamless integration into your production processes, allowing for pre-production modifications and ensuring a flawless start to manufacturing.

NovaNox® collaborates closely with you from the outset to align design, materials, and manufacturing processes with your series production goals. Our approach guarantees that prototypes closely mimic final production units, optimizing both time and cost efficiencies. Post-prototype adjustments are made based on First Article Inspection (FAI) results, enhancing the production process for maximum effectiveness and economic viability.

We manage the entire supply chain and logistics process, from demand planning to delivery, ensuring continuous production without interruptions. Our 1,200 sqm consignment warehouse facilitates economical storage and manufacturing, allowing for just-in-time delivery of hydraulic tubes. This service is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing logistics operations, ensuring a reliable supply of components throughout the year.

Interested in exploring how NovaNox® hydraulic tubes can streamline your operations? Contact us for a detailed consultation.

Quality Management

At NovaNox®, welding process planning is meticulously designed to meet the specific needs of your hydraulic tubes. Selecting the right welding technique is crucial for ensuring the structural integrity and longevity of our tubes. We optimize the welding sequence to enhance the efficiency of our manufacturing processes and extend the service life and tightness of the hydraulic tubes.

Each NovaNox® hydraulic tube features unique type identification, allowing for complete traceability from production to end-use. This detailed tracking enhances security and supports quality control by documenting the entire lifecycle of each tube. Identification options include:

  • Laser engraving
  • Welded metal signs with laser engraving
  • Self-adhesive metal signs with laser engraving
  • Self-adhesive plastic labels with specific imprint and silicone coating

These markings ensure that each hydraulic tube can be individually traced, facilitating accurate reconstruction of usage paths and processes.

To guarantee the reliability of our hydraulic tubes under all operating conditions, NovaNox® conducts comprehensive leak tests. These include:

  • 100% air-under-water testing in specialized test basins, adhering to standards such as ECE R34 or 70/21/EEC
  • Pressure testing
  • Dye penetration tests using red or fluorescent dyes
  • Ultrasonic testing

Each tube is certified with a written declaration of conformity, ensuring its quality and compliance with international standards.

Comprehensive documentation and certification are cornerstones of NovaNox®'s quality assurance practices. Detailed records of production processes help prevent errors and enhance operational efficiency, particularly in large-scale projects. Our documentation suite includes:

  • Initial sample inspection reports according to VDA 2, EN 9102
  • Factory certificates 3.1 and 2.2 according to EN 10204
  • Dimensional analyses using advanced 3D measuring technology (Faro measuring arm)
  • Declarations of conformity for all necessary tests

These documents are designed for quick integration into your quality management system, supporting seamless quality control.

Interested in enhancing your hydraulic systems with NovaNox®’s top-tier quality management services? Contact us today to discuss the best solutions for your applications.