Advanced Pipe End Machining Services by NovaNox®

At NovaNox®, we specialize in advanced tube end finishing, a critical process in pipe manufacturing that enhances the functionality and aesthetics of tube ends. This process is essential for:

  • Seamlessly integrating pipes with other components.
  • Enhancing the strength and tightness of pipe connections.
  • Achieving specific design requirements and visual appeal.

Our expertise in pipe finishing techniques includes:

  • Expanding: Precisely widening the pipe diameter at the end.
  • Retracting: Skillfully reducing the diameter of the pipe at the end.
  • Necking: Creating a tailored conical shape at the end of the pipe.
  • Flanging: Expertly folding the edge of the pipe outward or inward.
  • Compression: Effectively compressing the material at the end for optimal fit.

Utilizing state-of-the-art machinery, NovaNox® ensures high-precision and top-quality pipe end machining. Additionally, our process includes deburring post-cutting to eliminate any sharp edges, further affirming our commitment to safety and excellence.

As your trusted partner in custom tube end machining, NovaNox® is dedicated to delivering solutions that meet the highest standards of quality and precision. For a personalized consultation and a non-binding offer, please contact us.

Pipe finishing at NovaNox®

Specialized Beading Techniques in Pipe Finishing by NovaNox®

Beading in pipe finishing is a precise technique used to enhance the structural integrity and functionality of tubes. At NovaNox®, we utilize this method to create ring-shaped depressions or elevations, resulting in tubes that are more stable and resistant. Beads are not only functional but can also act as critical sealing or connecting elements in various applications. Our process involves:

  • Advanced Cold Deformation: Employing specialized machines to shape the pipe without heat, ensuring utmost precision and strength.

We offer a range of beading options to cater to diverse industry needs, including:

  • Beads according to DIN 3021-3: Trapezoidal-shaped beads, primarily used in fuel lines for their robustness and reliability.
  • Beads according to DIN 71550: Semicircular beads, often utilized in brake lines for their high precision and safety compliance.
  • Customized Special Forming: Tailoring unique bead designs to meet your specific requirements and challenges.

As a leader in custom tube end machining, NovaNox® is committed to delivering solutions that embody the highest standards of quality and precision. Our team of experts is ready to provide specialized guidance and a non-binding offer tailored to your needs. For more information and to discuss your specific requirements, please contact us.

Specialized Beading Techniques in Pipe Finishing by NovaNox®

Expert DIN Flanges Application in Pipe Machining by NovaNox®

DIN flanges are essential standardized connecting elements in pipe machining, enabling seamless integration of pipes with other components. These flanges, characterized by their round or square rings with holes for fastening, are integral in various applications. At NovaNox®, we offer different types of DIN flanges, each serving unique purposes:

  • Flat Flanges: Ideal for low-pressure applications, these flanges feature a flat sealing surface.
  • Weld Neck Flanges: Designed for high-pressure environments, these flanges come with a robust welded neck.
  • Blind Flanges: Used to securely close off pipelines, these flanges are characterized by their lack of holes.

In addition to standard designs, our services at NovaNox® include customizing DIN flanges to meet your specific needs. We offer:

  • Turning out, drilling (plain or threaded), blasting, coating, and marking of flanges.
  • Utilizing high-quality materials like steel or stainless steel for durable and reliable flanges.
  • Adapting to other standards such as EN or ANSI, according to your project requirements.

As a leader in customized tube end machining, NovaNox® prides itself on offering solutions with the highest quality and precision. Our team is equipped to handle diverse requirements and deliver products that exceed expectations. For a detailed consultation and a non-binding offer, please contact us.

Expert DIN Flanges Application in Pipe Machining by NovaNox®

Expertise in Pipe Expansion and Reduction by NovaNox®

Flaring and reduction are among the most common yet crucial processes in tube end finishing. At NovaNox®, we specialize in these techniques to modify the diameter of pipe ends for various applications:

  • Flaring: This involves expanding the end of a pipe using a tapered mandrel or roller, creating a larger diameter. This process is typically required for joining pipes or inserting seals.
  • Reduction: Here, the end of a pipe is tapered using a conical punch or roller, resulting in a smaller diameter. This method is essential for welding pipes together or fitting cutting ring assemblies.

Our pipe machining techniques can produce a variety of shapes, including flares, beads, sealing cones, or threads. The quality and precision of these forming operations are influenced by factors such as the tube material, the degree of forming, and the tool used.

As your trusted partner in pipe end machining, NovaNox® offers unmatched expertise in the expansion and reduction of pipe ends. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology and years of experience, we can process and refine pipes of any dimension and material to the highest standards. Our team is dedicated to advising you on the optimal solution for your specific application.

For personalized guidance and a no-obligation quote, contact us here today!

Expertise in Pipe Expansion and Reduction by NovaNox®

Innovative Cutting Screw Joints in Pipe Finishing by NovaNox®

Apart from our expertise in pipe expansion and reduction, NovaNox® also excels in creating cutting screw joints and male and female couplings as part of our comprehensive pipe end finishing services. These methods are vital for ensuring high-pressure, liquid-tight connections in various applications:

  • Cutting Screw Connections: This technique involves placing a cutting ring onto a pipe's end, which is then secured to a screw-in socket using a union nut. The cutting ring effectively cuts into the pipe, forming a permanent, high-pressure seal.
  • Male and Female Couplings: Essential for creating uninterrupted connections between two pipes or cables, these couplings use internal threads for secure attachment. Male joints feature internal threads at both ends, while female joints combine internal and external threads for versatile connectivity.

At NovaNox®, we offer a diverse range of cutting screw joints and couplings in various sizes, materials, and designs. Our commitment to high quality, safety, and reliability ensures that our products meet the most stringent industry standards. Our team of experts is always ready to provide tailored advice on the most suitable solutions for your specific applications.

For detailed information and a no-obligation quote, contact us here today!

Innovative Cutting Screw Joints in Pipe Finishing by NovaNox®


At NovaNox®, we equip you with comprehensive technical drawings in both 2D (.dxf, .dwg, .pdf formats) and 3D (.step format). Our range includes individual part drawings, assembly drawings, and detailed technical documentation, ensuring thorough pre-production review and customization opportunities. This meticulous approach guarantees that everything aligns perfectly at the start of production.

Our extensive documentation and technical drawings facilitate seamless communication throughout your development and manufacturing process. By addressing the unique information needs at each stage, we ensure smooth and efficient workflow, enhancing the overall effectiveness of your project development.

Our services extend to providing detailed technical drawings in 2D and 3D formats, encompassing individual parts, assemblies, and general layouts. Accompanied by in-depth technical documentation, we enable you to make informed adjustments or incorporate specific requests before production commences, ensuring a perfect fit from the onset

This comprehensive suite of technical drawings and documentation is pivotal in fostering successful communication across the entire development and manufacturing chain, especially for complex designs. By meeting the diverse information requirements at each phase, we enhance the efficiency and coherence of your project execution.

NovaNox® takes charge of the entire process from requirements planning to logistics handling. We offer 1,200 square meters of consignment warehouse space, optimizing your production processes while reducing costs and enabling more cost-effective production of larger quantities.

Our scheduled and flexible delivery of bent parts from the consignment warehouse ensures seamless integration with your existing logistics processes. This approach guarantees a year-round, secure supply of components for NovaNox® bent parts, contributing to the continuity and reliability of your production line. Interested in discovering how our versatile services can be implemented in your company? Schedule a consultation with our experts here now.

Quality management

Type identification allows each cooling water tube to be easily traced back to its origin. The entire path from production to the last use can be traced in detail over the entire product cycle. With this unbroken chain of evidence, you are always on the safe side.

Depending on the material and stress of your cooling water pipes, different types of type designations can be considered:

  • Laser engraving
  • Welded metal signs with laser engraving
  • Self adhesive metal signs with laser engraving
  • Self-adhesive plastic labels with specific imprint and silicone coating for external protection

Your personal identification results from symbols, numbers or letters. This means you can always trace your cooling water pipes, as you should for optimum, unambiguous path and process reconstruction.

At NovaNox®, we prioritize quality assurance in production to maintain the consistently high standard of your products. This involves meticulous logging of production processes, enabling early detection and prevention of errors and quality deviations, particularly vital in large projects. Our precisely documented, repeatable processes save time and resources, contributing to cost efficiency.

  • We offer the following concrete documentations for your quality management needs:
  • Initial sample inspection report according to VDA 2, EN 9102.
  • Factory certificates 3.1 and 2.2 in accordance with EN 10204.
  • Dimensional protocol utilizing advanced 3D measuring technology (Faro measuring arm).
  • Declaration of conformity for pressure tests.
  • For further inquiries and expert advice, please feel free to contact our specialists.