High-Quality PVC Suction Hoses for Industrial Use

Our robust PVC suction hoses at NovaNox® are engineered to handle the toughest industrial challenges. Designed to transport a variety of materials, including solids, gases and liquids, these hoses are resilient against aggressive substances and extreme mechanical stress. With a commitment to safety and efficiency, our hoses meet stringent quality standards to ensure reliability in enclosed and open environments, protecting both the environment and personnel. Contact us for a customized hose solution.

PVC suction hoses for industrial applications

Custom-Engineered PVC Suction Hoses by NovaNox®

In the diverse world of industrial applications, more than a one-size-fits-all solution is needed. That's where NovaNox® excels — by providing custom-engineered PVC suction hoses to meet the unique demands of each application. Whether you require thick-walled durability or slim, flexible designs, our PVC hoses are adaptable to your specifications, including smooth or corrugated surfaces with optional reinforcements. Our hoses are designed to safely manage even the most aggressive media, ensuring reliability and safety across all industries. Benefit from our extensive cross-industry expertise as we collaborate with you to innovate, refine and optimize your hose solutions for cost efficiency and performance. Get in touch to discuss your specific requirements or contact us for customized hose solution.

Custom-Engineered PVC Suction Hoses by NovaNox®

Robust PVC Suction Hoses: The NovaNox® Advantage

The NovaNox® PVC suction hose is a versatile powerhouse, ideal for many industrial tasks involving solids, gases, and liquids. Its superior chemical resistance ensures the safe transport of aggressive substances, including chemicals, sludge and organic waste. Engineered for resilience, our hoses boast abrasion-resistant and antistatic features, with additional options for enhanced thermal properties and material resistance, making them capable of withstanding temperatures up to +80°C. Complying with ISO 6940, the NovaNox® hoses offer non-flammable properties, ensuring safety and durability. Furthermore, our hoses meet stringent standards for food safety, resisting hydrolysis and microbial growth, making them ideal for the food industry. Contact us for a custom solution that meets your industrial needs.

Robust PVC Suction Hoses: The NovaNox® Advantage

Engineered for Excellence: The NovaNox® PVC Suction Hose Design

Crafted from premium polyvinyl chloride (PVC), the NovaNox® PVC suction hose exemplifies durability with its exceptional abrasion resistance. Tailored to meet specific industrial demands, our hoses are available with customized wall thicknesses—both thick and thin—to match your application requirements. The smooth inner walls are engineered for optimal flow, enhancing efficiency. Our hoses are reinforced with high-quality copper spring spirals, ingeniously integrated to deliver unparalleled flexibility without sacrificing strength. This adaptability allows for compression fitting in various environments without impeding performance. Furthermore, the unique composition grants the NovaNox® PVC suction hose antistatic properties, making it a safe choice for sensitive applications. Combined with superior thermal characteristics, our hoses are designed to excel across industrial operations. Explore our cutomized hose solutions and contact us.

Engineered for Excellence: The NovaNox® PVC Suction Hose Design

Individual PVC suction hoses for suction of various solids, gases and liquids.


Thick and thin wall PVC suction hoses with smooth or corrugated walls.


Temperature resistant up to +80°C and according to ISO 6940, as well as food compliant.


At NovaNox®, we partner with our clients to transform innovative ideas into tangible products, guiding them from initial product development to successful series introduction. Our collaborative process begins with thoroughly evaluating the installation scenario and the conditions it must endure in practical use. Leveraging our expertise in feasibility studies and cost-benefit analyses, we deliver rapid insights that accelerate time-to-market. Our approach is designed to streamline the introduction phase, ensuring a smooth transition to series production in line with your project timelines and budget. With NovaNox®, you gain a trusted ally that not only enhances project efficiency but also fortifies your venture with optimal security. Start your journey with us and experience the assurance of having a dedicated partner at your side.

NovaNox® isn't just a supplier; we're a full-service system provider offering PVC suction hoses ready for installation with all necessary components. Our system solutions have hose clamps, sensors, and measurement indicators tailored to your needs. We manage procurement, monitor deadlines, ensure quality control, and handle the assembly of various accessories, optimizing the fitting accuracy for seamless integration. The precision of our components significantly enhances convenience during the final assembly process, dramatically reducing assembly times. Our direct procurement channels are designed to streamline your supply chain for maximum efficiency. Regarding demanding applications requiring highly stable connection carriers, NovaNox® manufactured metal connections offer the pinnacle of system solution robustness. While our metal connections secure a stable and durable bond, the flexible NovaNox® PVC suction hose ensures optimal sealing, even under mechanical duress.

At NovaNox®, we take pride in our comprehensive logistics and warehouse solutions that cover everything from demand planning to the physical handling of goods. We seamlessly integrate our operations with your existing warehousing and logistics processes, enhancing them with the support of our consignment warehouse. Spanning over 1,200 m², our facility offers expensive storage space and enables flexible, timely deliveries of our PVC suction hoses to ensure a constant, reliable supply throughout the year. This means a steady flow of components when you need them and also a significant relief for your storage capacities. Partner with NovaNox® for a logistics solution that adapts to your business, optimizing your supply chain and freeing up valuable resources.

Quality management

NovaNox® offers an integration solution that ensures optimal visibility and process tracking with our PVC suction hoses. Each hose can be marked with durable, high-quality printing for easy identification. We cater to all customer preferences—symbols, numbers, or letters—ensuring personalized identification for consistent traceability. Our color customization options extend beyond standard transparent and black designs, allowing for any hue you require. Whether you aim to match company branding or differentiate hose types, NovaNox® can deliver the desired color. Experience the blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal with our customizable hoses.

At NovaNox®, we prioritize safety and environmental stewardship by ensuring our PVC suction hoses meet stringent international conformities. Our hoses are crafted from polyvinyl chloride, compliant with RoHS directives to prevent pollution during recycling, and aligned with REACH to safeguard human health and the ecosystem from chemical risks. Adherence to the US Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) limits hazardous substances in our manufacturing process. For applications in the food industry, our hoses are FDA conformant, ensuring safe contact with food products. With NovaNox®, you receive products high in quality and responsible in design.