NovaNox® Custom NBR Fuel Hoses: Precision-Crafted for Extreme Environments

Explore the resilience and versatility of NovaNox®'s custom NBR fuel hoses. As a renowned system supplier, we specialize in high-grade, adaptable fuel supply solutions, emphasizing our bespoke NBR fuel hoses, renowned for their superior material attributes.

Due to its formidable resistance to oils, fuels, and various chemicals, NBR, or nitrile butadiene rubber, is a preferred synthetic elastomer in fuel hose manufacturing. Its exceptional aging resistance and elasticity render it perfect for demanding applications and harsh environmental conditions.

Our custom NBR fuel hoses are synonymous with reliability and robust performance. They are oil-resistant chemical-resistant, and form an effective barrier against fuels and other corrosive liquids, maintaining integrity in temperatures ranging from -50°C to +180°C. Additionally, they exhibit high abrasion resistance and flexibility, essential traits for dynamic application scenarios.

At NovaNox®, we're not just suppliers; we're solution providers. We craft custom NBR fuel hoses tailored explicitly to your operational challenges, ensuring an impeccable fit for any application. Our commitment to quality and sustainability is evident in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, ensuring precise, controlled production that aligns with eco-friendly practices.

Opt for NovaNox®'s high-caliber, custom NBR fuel hoses and invest in dependable safeguarding for your fuel systems. Need bespoke fuel hoses for your machinery, equipment, or fleet? Schedule a complimentary consultation with our experts here.

Beyond our custom offerings, we provide standard fuel hoses available by the meter through the NovaNox® online store. Access a wide range of options in our interactive hose catalog for 2023, available for download.

Choose NovaNox® for unparalleled quality and tailored solutions in fuel hose technology.

Fuel Hose Catalog

Customized NBR fuel hoses from NovaNox - The optimal solution for demanding applications

Unrivaled Power & Durability in Every NovaNox® Fuel Hose

Experience the epitome of engineering excellence with NovaNox® fuel hoses. Crafted from rigorously tested NBR (nitrile butadiene rubber) or FPM/FKM (fluorocarbon rubber), our hoses are not just conduits but powerhouses of performance and resilience. They defy the norms, offering exceptional temperature resistance spanning from -50°C to +180°C and momentarily withstanding up to +220°C.

But it's not just about withstanding extremes; our hoses excel in everyday functionality. They boast superior mechanical properties, standing resilient against hydraulic oils, mineral oils, water emulsions, oxygen, synthetic hydraulic fluids, gasoline, and diesel. This multifaceted resistance ensures uninterrupted operation, even under the most strenuous conditions.

What truly sets NovaNox® fuel hoses apart is their endurance. They resist aging and weathering, ticking every box in the robustness checklist. Their elasticity is a game-changer, absorbing constant engine vibrations, braking mechanisms, and various dynamic forces. Furthermore, the innovative materials used in their construction contribute to significant weight reductions, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

With NovaNox®, power doesn't come with a compromise. Our fuel hoses are synonymous with unparalleled strength, longevity, and performance, ensuring that every journey is fueled by reliability and trust.

Unrivaled Power & Durability in Every NovaNox® Fuel Hose

Innovative Development of Durable Fuel Hoses by NovaNox®

Step into the future of robust fuel solutions with NovaNox®'s custom fuel hoses, where durability meets innovation. Our production process employs cutting-edge mandrel tools, setting new benchmarks in hose development. These advanced tools facilitate the precise application and vulcanization of premium silicone and fabric inserts arranged meticulously overlappingly.

The magic happens during vulcanization, where an unyielding bond is formed among all materials, forging a fuel hose that boasts dimensional stability and an impenetrable seal. The integrity of our hoses is unmatched; they deny entry to external elements and retain everything within, ensuring the secure transport of even the most aggressive substances, regardless of persistent pressure and extreme temperatures.

Every tool in our production arsenal is custom-crafted, echoing the unique requirements of our clientele. This bespoke approach paves the way for creating intricately designed, tailor-made fuel hoses. The result? Optimized use of installation space, expedited processes, and cost efficiency that doesn't sacrifice quality.

Trust NovaNox®'s fuel hoses to deliver not just a product but an identity. We stand for safety, reliability, and unparalleled performance, even in the face of harsh conditions and rigorous use. Our hoses are more than a component; they're a commitment to excellence.

Innovative Development of Durable Fuel Hoses by NovaNox®

Advanced Fuel Hose Structure by NovaNox®

Dive into the anatomy of strength and innovation with NovaNox® fuel hoses. Each hose is a marvel of engineering, built to withstand and perform.


The Core

At the heart of our fuel hoses lies a robust and sleek core engineered for uninterrupted flow even when in constant contact with aggressive substances. Crafted from premium silicone, the core is more than a pathway — it's the backbone of durability and the hallmark of safety in your operational endeavors.


The Layers

Surrounding the formidable core are strategic fabric inserts from high-grade polyester. These layers extend beyond mere coverage; they're the custodians of pressure resistance and the enablers of unmatched flexibility. Positioned meticulously around the core, they function as pressure bearers and stabilizers during relentless operation. What's more, their unique material composition facilitates a swift and adaptable installation process.


The Blanket

Enveloping the intricate layers is the blanket — a protective fortress against the onslaught of external factors. This shield, fortified with high-quality silicone, defies everything from UV radiation and abrasion to oil spills and various liquids. But protection isn't its only virtue; it's crafted to withstand the tests of time and elements, resisting weathering and aging with grace. This is not just a protective layer; it's the promise of an extended lifespan and relentless performance.

With NovaNox®, every fuel hose is a testament to longevity, safety, and unparalleled efficiency, assembled meticulously for your operational success.

Advanced Fuel Hose Structure by NovaNox®

Expertly Engineered Custom Fuel Hoses by NovaNox®

At NovaNox®, we don't just create fuel hoses; we engineer solutions. Our expertise lies in developing and manufacturing superior custom fuel hoses specifically designed for machinery manufacturers, equipment providers, and vehicle technologists. Each hose is meticulously crafted, serving as a testament to our commitment to individualized solutions.

Our custom-molded hoses are more than mere conduits; they're a perfect synergy of form and function, designed with precision to meet client specifications. They facilitate optimal utilization of confined installation spaces, ensuring efficiency without compromise. This bespoke approach sets us apart, allowing for nuanced adaptations that generic hoses can't provide.

But we don't stop at manufacturing. Armed with profound industry insights, we're poised to assist our clients through new ventures, enhancements, and cost-saving initiatives. Our support extends beyond the product, offering a collaborative experience fostering innovation and operational excellence.

Embark on a journey of performance and reliability with NovaNox®'s custom fuel hoses, where every challenge is met with an innovative solution, and every solution is a step towards unparalleled efficiency.

Expertly Engineered Custom Fuel Hoses by NovaNox®

Customized as a molded hose for any geometric challenge.

High performance silicone

High-performance silicone optionally selectable for permanent temperature peaks of +250°C.

Prototypen- & Serienbau

Short lead times for fast sample results and on-time start of production.


From product conception to series launch, we're there for our clients every step of the way. Together, we assess the installation setting and subsequent usage conditions. Through our thorough feasibility and cost analysis, we offer swift insights, helping to considerably shorten introduction times and effectively kickstart series production as intended. This approach is economical and provides maximum security for our clients.

Whether hose clamps, sensors or measuring indicators - as a system supplier, we deliver fuel hoses complete and ready for installation as a system solution. We take over the procurement, deadline monitoring, quality control and assembly of various accessories for our customers. With this process takeover, we adjust the fitting accuracy to a high maximum. The high accuracy of fit offers a very high level of convenience during final assembly and reduces assembly times to a minimum. The direct procurement channels also optimize our customers' supply chain. The in-house manufactured rubber-to-metal bondings offer the optimum of a system solution. NovaNox® rubber-to-metal connections are particularly in demand when extremely stable connection carriers are required for specific connection points. While the metal connection ensures a stable connection and withstands high mechanical loads, the elastic NovaNox® rubber provides optimum sealing.

From demand planning to logistics handling, we take over the complete process for our customers with our warehouse and logistics expertise. Existing warehousing and logistics processes of our customers are fully integrated. The process takeover is optimally supported by our own consignment warehouse. With more than 1,200 m² of storage space, we provide our customers with a large consignment warehouse. The NovaNox® consignment warehouse enables flexible and on-time call-offs. The optimal solution for a secure component supply with fuel hoses from NovaNox® throughout the year. At the same time, the storage capacities of our customers are relieved.

Quality management

The integration solution for optimal, clear path and process reconstruction! NovaNox® fuel hoses are marked with a durable and high-quality print. There are no limits to the wishes of our customers. Whether symbols, numbers or letters. - Our customers receive their personal identification for a constant traceability of their fuel hoses. This also applies to the choice of colors. In addition to our standard colors of blue and black, we can realize any color our customers desire. No matter whether the desired color design should reflect the corporate color or serve as a hose type separation.

Tight and stable fuel hoses are our top priority! Therefore, we test the stability and pressure resistance, as well as the tightness of the fuel hoses for each sample construction. We simulate the later pressure requirements of our customers with our own stationary testing equipment. In this way, we ensure the longevity and, above all, the safety of the fuel hoses. You will receive detailed test documentation that you can easily and quickly integrate into your overall documentation.

So that our customers can master the temperature requirements of their fuel hoses in continuous operation! Our customers receive only high-quality and certified materials. The temperature tests are already carried out at the beginning at our raw material supplier. The results are logged internally for each delivery batch.

Shine clear! Our customers experience more cleanliness through our own machine rinsing, protecting the circulation of their machines, equipment and vehicles from dirt particles or other residues.

Fuel hoses made of high-quality NBR from NovaNox® are manufactured according to a wide range of international conformities. This allows you to install the NBR hoses in your machines, equipment or vehicles according to international guidelines and specifications. On the one hand, they can be manufactured RoHS compliant. RoHS stands for the Restriciton of Hazardous Substances and restricts hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment so that they are not released during subsequent recycling. The fuel hoses can also be manufactured in compliance with REACH. REACH stands for Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals and ensures that chemicals are used safely in manufacturing so that there is no risk to people or the environment. In addition to the common EU standards, NovaNox® is also able to manufacture according to the US standard TSCA. Here, the hazardous substances used are again restricted and monitored.

You need a custom-made fuel hose for your project? Then book your non-binding and free initial consultation with our experts here now! If you need more information about the possible conformities of NovaNox® fuel hoses or a supplier declaration, please feel free to send us an email to