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Knitted sewing mats for industrial applications

NovaNox® stitch-bonded mats are used as insulating material and insulating material for high-temperature areas in vehicles (vehicle construction), plants (plant construction) and machines (mechanical engineering). They are used in power plant construction for the insulation of turbines. NovaNox® stitch-bonded mats are also used automotive in vehicle construction and wagon construction for the insulation of the engine compartment, for the insulation of various tanks such as hydraulic tanks or for the insulation of the floor. In addition, NovaNox® stitch-bonded mats find numerous applications in electrical engineering and household appliances as well as for construction or shipbuilding for the insulation of walls, ceilings and pipelines. Any piping for machines, plants & vehicles, whether charge air pipes, cooling water pipes or hydraulic pipes, can be efficiently insulated by NovaNox® stitch-bonded mats. Due to this variety of applications, NovaNox® stitch-bonded mats have to meet a wide range of requirements in order to function optimally even under extreme external conditions.

NovaNox® stitch-bonded mats have different thermal conductivities and bulk densities depending on the area of application. The thicknesses vary from 4mm to 12mm and the bulk densities from 160 kg/m³ to 250 kg/m³. Raw density and thickness are individually adapted to your specific installation situation in order to efficiently insulate your system components.

Product data stitch-bonded mats:

  • Application temperature: up to 500°C
  • Material thickness: from 4 mm
  • Standard width: 1000 mm
  • Weights: approx. 2500 g/m²
  • Color: RAL colors available
  • Odor: neutral
  • Additional finishes: one-sided aluminum coating

Additional properties:

  • vibration resistant
  • toxicologically harmless
  • ecologically and physiologically harmless
  • non-combustible according to DIN 4102-1
  • no addition of binders
Knitted sewing mats for industrial applications

NovaNox® stitchbonded mats for OEM

As your system supplier, we not only equip you with products from our standard range, but also offer you a unique product range with various high-performance insulation options. These are optimally matched to your installation situation. Our modern manufacturing processes enable us to produce precisely fitting system solutions. You benefit from our many years of know-how, increase your time efficiency and cost savings. The possibilities for the application of NovaNox® stitch-bonded mats are manifold in plant engineering, mechanical engineering and vehicle construction. In household technology, NovaNox® stitch-bonded mats are primarily used for the insulation of various pipes and ventilation ducts. There, NovaNox® stitch-bonded mats ensure maximum fire and heat protection. Efficient insulation solutions and thermal insulation are also required for complex system components such as hydraulic tanks. Process stability and functionality must nevertheless be guaranteed. NovaNox® stitch-bonded mats ensure energy-efficient processes with a constant process temperature. Efficient thermal protection not only ensures the longevity of your machine, but also increases performance and keeps it constantly at a high level.

NovaNox® stitchbonded mats for OEM

Individual NovaNox® stitch-bonded mats

With our many years of expertise in insulation technology, we develop and produce customized NovaNox® stitch-bonded mats for a wide range of industrial applications. Thanks to their non-combustibility, NovaNox® stitch-bonded mats are used as thermal insulators for temperatures of up to 600°C. As a heat and sound insulation material, NovaNox® stitch-bonded mats are used in various fields.

NovaNox® stitch-bonded mats are manufactured to fit contours. Customized cuts are made using state-of-the-art production methods. Due to the absolute accuracy of fit, the radiated heat can be reduced to an absolute minimum. Machines, plants and vehicles contain sensitive components that must be protected from extreme external influences. By using NovaNox® stitch-bonded mats, you protect sensitive components from radiated heat and from premature wear, thus ensuring the longevity of your system. Thanks to the individual cut, connection points, brackets or sensors also remain accessible. You gain absolute mounting convenience while complying with all application-specific requirements.

Individual NovaNox® stitch-bonded mats

Advantages of NovaNox® knitted sewing mats

NovaNox® stitch-bonded mats provide energy-saving thermal insulation, effective fire protection and safe moisture protection for various system components. Apart from the maximum reduction of heat loss and the increase in occupational safety, NovaNox® stitch-bonded mats offer a variety of other advantages. They are particularly easy to apply due to their self-adhesive surface and offer significant space savings due to their material. In addition, their durability is guaranteed and they have good thermal conductivity. NovaNox® stitch-bonded mats are made of a certified high-performance fabric and are ideal for insulating plant, vehicle and machine components. Connection points such as brackets or sensors remain accessible to you. Their energy-saving thermal protection reduces CO2 emissions and increases the performance of your system. Noise emissions from fast-flowing media are minimized to an absolute minimum. They are not only energy-efficient, but also environmentally friendly. Even at high operating temperatures, NovaNox® stitch-bonded mats provide excellent thermal and sound insulation. Protection against frost and the material's non-combustibility contribute to unparalleled performance.

Advantages of NovaNox® knitted sewing mats

Material and performance of NovaNox® knitted sewing mats

NovaNox® stitch-bonded mats consist of a needle mat with an aluminum coating on one side. NovaNox® stitch-bonded mats are characterized by their high vibration resistance and non-combustibility in accordance with DIN 4102-1. In addition, NovaNox® stitch-bonded mats are binder-free and toxicologically, ecologically and physiologically safe.

NovaNox® stitch-bonded mats have a filament diameter of 6-13 µm and a standard width of 1000mm. In addition, they have a material thickness of 4-12mm and are odor-free.

Thermal conductivity:
Not only the temperature and vibration resistance of NovaNox® stitch-bonded mats is advantageous, but also the increasing thermal conductivity with increasing average temperature. For example, at a constant bulk density of 130 kg/m³ and a mean temperature of 50°C, the conductivity is 0.039 W/m°K, or 0.121 W/m°K at a mean temperature of 500°C.

Material and performance of NovaNox® knitted sewing mats

Closure technology for NovaNox® stitch-bonded mats

NovaNox® stitch-bonded mats are self-adhesive and therefore particularly easy to handle and install. This results in significant time and cost savings.

Closure technology for NovaNox® stitch-bonded mats

Customized knitted sewing mats


For high temperatures up to 500°C


Weight and space saving


In order to achieve a result that is as close to series production as possible, even in the prototype phase, we work closely with you in the development, planning and design of the construction, material and manufacturing process. This ensures optimal results and compliance with your time and cost planning.

For the final touches, we analyze the FAI results and optimize the manufacturing process for maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness. In doing so, we help to significantly shorten the introduction times and to successfully start series production as planned. This is easy on your project budget and provides optimum security.

From demand planning to logistical handling, we take over the complete process for you. We provide you with a total of 1,200 square meters of storage space as a consignment warehouse to ensure uninterrupted production processes. On the one hand, this saves you costs compared to having your own storage capacity. In this way, you can be supplied with components flexibly and as required.

Your optimum component supply for series production is ensured. Your NovaNox® stitch-bonded mats can be delivered from the consignment warehouse on schedule and flexibly on demand. Your existing logistics processes are fully integrated. The optimal solution for a secure component supply with NovaNox® knitted wire meshes throughout the year.