Hydraulic tubes for machinery, equipment and automotive engineering

Hydraulic tubes play an important role in hydraulic systems, as they are used as pressure lines. These systems are used to transmit power, energy and signals in a wide range of applications in machinery, equipment and automotive engineering. In essence, hydraulic systems work with a fluid, which is usually hydraulic oil.

For permanent operation, hydraulic pipes must be very robust and tightly installed in the closed system, so that the hydraulic system can operate trouble-free. When selecting hydraulic pipes, several factors must be taken into account, such as material composition, size, thickness and tolerances.

An important factor in the selection of hydraulic tubes is their tensile strength. Hydraulic tubes must be able to withstand high pressures and mechanical loads. Sufficient tensile strength ensures that the tube will not break or plastically deform even under heavy loads.
In addition to tensile strength, hydraulic pipes must be tight in the closed system. Leaks in the pipe can lead to pressure losses and inefficient performance of the hydraulic system. Therefore, it is critical that the hydraulic pipes are carefully selected and correctly installed to ensure trouble-free operation of the hydraulic system.

Overall, proper selection and installation of hydraulic tubing is essential for efficient performance of hydraulic systems. The use of high quality and high tensile strength hydraulic tubing in conjunction with precise tube connection technology is critical to the safety and performance of machinery, equipment and vehicles.

Hydraulic tubes for machinery, equipment and automotive engineering

Customized hydraulic tubes from NovaNox®.

As an expert in tube technology, NovaNox® offers individually manufactured hydraulic tubes tailored to the requirements of manufacturers of vehicle technology, machine and plant builders. With years of experience and extensive know-how, customized solutions can be developed for any application.

Our hydraulic tubes are bent and welded from high-quality steel or stainless steel to ensure maximum stability and resistance to the high loads in the hydraulic system. Our modern manufacturing capabilities allow us to realize both simple and complex designs, perfectly adapted to the specific installation situation.

NovaNox® hydraulic tubes can be individually adapted to your installation options. We also take into account tight installation spaces and ensure that our hydraulic tubes fit perfectly into the respective system. Our customers benefit from our flexible production and can thus realize optimal solutions for their individual requirements.

At NovaNox® we understand that every project is unique and has individual requirements. For this reason, we offer personal consultation by our experts here. We support our customers in the development of custom-fit solutions and are happy to advise you on all aspects of hydraulic tubes.

Customized hydraulic tubes from NovaNox®.

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Customized hydraulic tubes

Complex geometries

Complex geometries welded and bent


Pipe finishing and surface treatments


Determining the structural strength, fatigue strength and material efficiency of your concept is, among other things, the subject of our FEM calculations. We already perform these in the early development phases. This gives you added security during the test phases and, above all, after your customers have put your products into operation.

You can see the consequences of variable mechanical, thermal and electrical stresses on the entire product or component using our digital representation of linear and non-linear structural mechanical calculations. This allows us to investigate the effects of the various influences on geometries of any complexity before building prototypes.

The results of these calculations are evidence for you to use for technical approvals, for product liability and production releases.

FEM calculations by NovaNox® are performed analytically and comply with general and international sets of standards. This means comparability and reliable results. In detail we do for you:

  • linear and non-linear structural mechanics calculations
  • Analysis of deformations, stiffnesses and stability
  • Consideration of natural vibrations
  • Transient structural analysis
  • Collision analyses
  • Temperature field calculation (thermal-stationary or thermal-transient)
  • CAE-supported fatigue calculation with nCode

We provide you with 2D technical drawings in dxf, dwg and pdf formats as well as 3D drawings in step format. Depending on your needs, we will produce component drawings, assembly drawings, general drawings or assembly drawings for you. In addition, you will receive detailed technical documentation for revision. This gives you the opportunity to make changes or add individual special features before production.

This gives you the certainty at the start of production that everything fits exactly and is implemented error-free. With these diverse technical drawings and the detailed documentation, communication is efficient and tailored to requirements for every stage of your entire development and production process chain.

We plan, develop and define the design, the material and the manufacturing process together with you right from the start. The goal is to achieve a result that is as close to series production as possible, even in the prototype phase. Together we achieve optimal results and they keep your time and cost planning easier.

With the results of the FAI, we optimize the production process with the goal of maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness. In doing so, we support the noticeable shortening of the launch phase and a scheduled and successful start into series production. This contributes to the adherence to the project budget and to more safety.

Let us take care of the entire process from demand planning to logistical handling! You can have a total of 1,200 sqm of storage space as a consignment warehouse to ensure your uninterrupted production. This reduces your storage costs and manufacturing costs by producing larger batch sizes.

For the secure component supply for your series production, your hydraulic tubes are delivered from the consignment warehouse on schedule and on demand. With the complete integration of your existing logistic processes, you have an optimal solution for the year-round secure component supply with hydraulic tubes from NovaNox®.

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Quality management

Welding process planning defines the optimum welding process for the specific requirements of your hydraulic tubes. The right process guarantees the safety and stability of your hydraulic tubes.

Welding process planning also determines the welding sequence. The optimum sequence of welding operations is essential both for the efficiency of the manufacturing processes and for a longer service life and reliable tightness of your hydraulic tubes.

With individual type identification, each hydraulic tube can be easily traced back to its origin. The entire journey from creation to last use can be traced down to the smallest detail over the entire product life. This proof increases your security.

Depending on the material and load of your hydraulic pipes, there are various designs of type designations to choose from:

  • Laser engraving
  • Welded metal signs with laser engraving
  • Self adhesive metal signs with laser engraving
  • Self-adhesive plastic labels with specific imprint and silicone coating for external protection

Symbols, numbers or letters as individual identification enable continuous tracing of your hydraulic tubes. With this integrated identification, paths and processes can be clearly reconstructed.

The leak test shows whether your hydraulic tubes remain absolutely leak-proof even in continuous operation and under extreme conditions. This process is part of quality management and serves your safety. To provide you with additional protection, we will gladly provide you with the leak test  as a written declaration of conformity for each delivery. This NovaNox® test certificate is quickly and easily integrated into your overall documentation. We carry out these leak tests for you:

  • 100% test with air under water in a separate test basin (e.g. according to ECE R34 or 70//21/EEC regulation)
  • Pressure test
  • Leak test by means of red or fluorescent dyes
  • Ultrasonic testing

Quality assurance in production ensures the high quality of your products. This requires accurate recording of the production processes. Complete documentation also enables enormous cost savings - especially in large projects - because errors and quality deviations can be detected and avoided at an early stage. Precisely documented, repeatable processes save time and human resources. We offer you these concrete documentations for quality management:

  • Initial sample inspection report according to VDA 2, EN 9102
  • Factory certificates 3.1 and 2.2 according to EN 10204
  • Dimensional protocol through 3D measuring technology (Faro measuring arm)
  • Declaration of conformity for pressure tests

Any of our documents can be quickly and easily integrated into your records.

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