Expert Prototyping: Crafting Your Ideal Silicone Hoses


At NovaNox®, prototyping isn't just a phase — it's the cornerstone of our custom silicone hose solutions. Our comprehensive approach begins right after an in-depth feasibility and cost analysis, ensuring your prototype aligns perfectly with your vision and our high standards. Why settle for off-the-shelf when our experts are here to craft a prototype that meets your specifications? From selecting the optimal materials to preemptively tackling potential challenges, we're here to refine every aspect of your product. Experience firsthand the premium look, superior feel, and exceptional handling of your custom-designed hose while having direct insight into its technical components and functionalities. But we don't stop at appearances. We put our prototypes through rigorous functional tests and approval scenarios, assessing their resistance to various media in your system and analyzing motion sequences. The result? A seamless transition to high-quality, cost-effective series production, saving you time and resources. Discover the NovaNox® difference today — where silicone hose prototyping meets unparalleled expertise and innovation.

Prototype: charge air hose

Revolutionizing Performance with Prototype Charge Air Hoses

Regarding powering industrial machinery, NovaNox® understands standard solutions don't cut. That's why our prototype charge air hoses are engineered to seamlessly bridge the gap between engines and superchargers, ensuring an unparalleled boost in performance and efficiency. In one of our recent collaborations within the machinery production industry, we were challenged to create custom-made charge air hoses that could meet demanding specifications:

  • Diameters spanning 200 to 250mm
  • Exceptional resilience to high-pressure environments
  • Robust construction to counteract intense vibrations
  • Remarkable flexibility, up to 90 degrees

Our response? A range of NovaNox® silicone hoses that exceeded expectations. Not only were they a breeze to install, but their enhanced flexibility meant they could resist extreme pressures and vibrations, ensuring uninterrupted operations and dependable production outcomes. The result was a significant boost in the hose's lifespan and an optimal balance in tolerances and vibrations. Dive into the world of high-performance silicone hoses with NovaNox®. Where innovation meets reliability, your industrial needs are sure to be covered.

Versatile Applications of NovaNox® Custom Silicone Hoses

Step into the versatile world of NovaNox® custom silicone hoses, designed for performance across industries. From ensuring the seamless flow of beverages in vending machines to facilitating safe drinking water systems in aircraft and mobile homes, our food-grade silicone hoses are the unsung heroes behind the scenes. But our expertise continues. Our NBR hoses are vital cogs in the automotive industry, providing reliable fuel transport between tanks and engines. Compatible with gasoline, diesel, and oil, these hoses are a testament to our commitment to versatility and safety. In the heart of the machinery, our silicone hoses take on cooling and charge air duties, managing engine temperatures with glycol-water mixtures and boosting engine efficiency by directing compressed air to combustion chambers. Beyond automotive excellence, NovaNox® silicone hoses are game-changers in diverse systems, handling various liquids and gases with unparalleled abrasion resistance. Our complete systems, including clamps, pipes, or tanks, promise precision-fit assemblies that thrive in demanding environments. With dimensional accuracy and exceptional durability, our hoses adapt to even the most confined spaces. Our cross-industry expertise empowers us to support customer ambitions, from new developments to enhancements, ensuring cost-effectiveness and time efficiency. At NovaNox®, we don't just meet your needs; we anticipate and conquer the complexities that come with them. Ready to embark on a journey of innovation with custom silicone hoses tailored for your project? Schedule a no-obligation consultation with our experts, and let's bring your vision to life. With NovaNox®, your trusted partner in silicone hose prototyping and supply, excellence awaits.