Tailor-Made Stainless Steel Suction Hoses for Diverse Industrial Needs

In the realm of industrial operations, stainless steel suction hoses play a pivotal role. These hoses are essential in scenarios where media possess aggressive properties. They are designed to handle an array of solids, gases, and liquids. The durability and resilience of a stainless steel suction hose are paramount, as they often face intense mechanical stress.

These hoses are engineered to cater to a broad spectrum of requirements, ensuring unwavering performance in both enclosed spaces and open environments. The emphasis on reliability is not just about efficiency but also about safeguarding the environment and people from potential hazards. Our custom suction hoses are built to deliver optimal performance under challenging conditions. They can handle abrasive materials, withstand high temperatures, and ensure chemical resistance.

Suction hose stainless steel for industrial applications

Custom-Made Stainless Steel Suction Hoses from NovaNox®

In the industrial realm, no other suction hose can match the versatility of a NovaNox® stainless steel suction hose. Each application presents unique challenges and demands specific features. As industry specialists, we at NovaNox® are committed to developing and producing customized stainless steel suction hoses. The hoses can be tailored with or without seals to meet the diverse needs of various industries.

Our expertise allows us to precisely adapt each stainless steel suction hose to the unique requirements of our clients, ensuring safe and efficient handling of even the most aggressive media. Leveraging our extensive cross-industry experience, we offer valuable support in new product development, enhancements, and cost-effective solutions for our customers’ unique challenges.

Custom-Made Stainless Steel Suction Hoses from NovaNox®

Unmatched Power and Performance of NovaNox® Stainless Steel Suction Hose

The NovaNox® suction hose made of stainless steel stands as a versatile all-rounder in the industrial sector. Its robust properties make it ideal for many industrial applications. It excels at extracting diverse solids, gases, and liquids. This hose is adept at handling highly abrasive materials, such as sawdust, powder, or granules, ensuring safe and efficient passage.

Furthermore, the NovaNox® stainless steel suction hose boasts exceptional thermal properties. It can safely transport hot gases or air at temperatures as high as +650°C. This capability extends the hose's use to various tough environments, where performance and safety are crucial.

Unmatched Power and Performance of NovaNox® Stainless Steel Suction Hose

Detailed Structure of NovaNox® Stainless Steel Suction Hose

The NovaNox® suction hose is crafted from high-quality profiled stainless steel. It exemplifies superior mechanical and thermal properties. Tailored to meet diverse requirements, the stainless steel suction hose from NovaNox® can be designed with variable wall thicknesses and an optional seal, depending on the specific application needs.

These distinct quality features, coupled with exceptional thermal capabilities, empower the NovaNox® hose to excel in a vast array of industrial applications. Its robust design ensures reliability and durability across various demanding environments, making it a versatile choice for industrial use.

Detailed Structure of NovaNox® Stainless Steel Suction Hose

Individual stainless steel suction hoses for the extraction of a wide variety of solids, gases and liquids.


Thick- and thin-walled suction hoses made of stainless steel with or without seals.


Thermal resistance up to +650°C with excellent mechanical strength and flexibility.


At NovaNox®, we offer comprehensive support in Prototype and Series Construction. Our collaboration with customers begins right from the product development stage and extends to the successful launch of series production. We actively engage in evaluating the installation situation and the anticipated usage conditions.

Our expertise in conducting feasibility and cost analyses offers quick and insightful perspectives. This approach not only accelerates the introduction times but also ensures the seamless transition into planned series production. By optimizing the project budget and providing maximum security, we deliver exceptional value and confidence to our customers.

NovaNox® excels in delivering Suction Hose as a System Solutions. As a comprehensive system supplier, we provide stainless steel suction hoses that are complete and ready for installation. This includes integrating essential components such as hose clamps, sensors, and measuring indicators. Our role encompasses procurement, deadline adherence, meticulous quality control, and the assembly of various accessories. This process ensures a high level of fitting accuracy, greatly enhancing convenience during final assembly and significantly reducing assembly times. Our approach not only optimizes the supply chain for our customers but also ensures high-performance outcomes.

The in-house manufactured metal connections exemplify the pinnacle of our system solutions. Particularly sought after for their stability at crucial connection points, NovaNox® metal connections withstand high mechanical loads while the flexible NovaNox® suction hose ensures optimal sealing. This combination provides a robust, reliable solution for demanding industrial applications.

Our expertise in Warehouse and Logistics Competence at NovaNox® encompasses a full spectrum of services from demand planning to logistics handling. We are adept at integrating into the existing warehousing and logistics processes of our customers, ensuring a seamless operation.

The cornerstone of our logistics capability is our own consignment warehouse. Spanning over 1,200 m², it provides ample storage space, enabling us to offer a large and flexible consignment warehouse to our clients. This facility ensures timely and efficient call-offs, epitomizing the perfect solution for a year-round, secure supply of stainless steel suction hoses.

Our approach not only guarantees the availability of NovaNox® stainless steel suction hoses but also alleviates the storage capacity burdens of our customers. This dual advantage underscores our commitment to providing comprehensive, reliable service in warehouse and logistics management.