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You have a project and are looking for a reliable and high quality silicone hoses manufacturer? Then NovaNox GmbH & Co. KG is the right place for you!

For over a decade we have been one of THE silicone hoses and hose manufacturers in Germany and throughout Europe. We have made it our business to master every installation situation, no matter how complicated, and to provide our customers with the greatest possible and most comprehensive service. Thus, we have steadily expanded our product portfolio and now carry not only silicone hoses made of various materials, but also plastic and metal hoses, which can be custom-made and individually manufactured. Each of these hose solutions fulfills a different purpose and different requirements, so you will always find the best solution for your specific installation situation with us.

Silicone hoses manufacturer

Molded hoses from your silicone hose manufacturer NovaNox® are mostly made of silicone rubber (VMQ) or ethylene propylene diene rubber (EPDM).  VMQ is one of the most versatile peroxide cross-linked elastomers, which is mainly used at high temperatures. It is also physiologically inert, which means that it does not form chemical bonds with other substances. The silicone rubber has high elasticity and can be used in a wide temperature range. Other advantages include good weather, ozone, and aging resistance, as well as food compatibility and tastelessness, allowing them to be used in many industrial applications. EPDM is also a peroxide-crosslinked elastomer, which shines due to its exceptional resistance to weathering, aging, ozone, chemicals, acids and alkalis. EPDM is also resistant to aqueous media and hot water or superheated steam. Another advantage of EPDM silicone hoses is their good low-temperature flexibility. Thanks to these properties, this material is particularly suitable in connection with the use of glycol-based brake fluid or coolant.

In contrast to rigid piping, the molded hoses from your silicone hose manufacturer offer increased flexibility. This makes them very flexible and also well suited for particularly narrow and complicated installation spaces. Additional benefits of silicone hoses include noise dampening, vibration absorption and the ability to convey corrosive media. Moreover, they are cost-saving due to the material used. In addition, silicone hoses are easier to install and significantly lighter in weight than rigid piping, which results in a reduction in the fuel consumption of your machines or vehicles.

NovaNox® silicone hoses consist of the core, the layers and the cover. The core, which forms the inside of the silicone hoses, ensures a smooth flow even under permanent load due to its solid and smooth structure. It is made of high-quality silicone and is crucial for the durability and safety of the molded hose. The number of layers in a silicone hose significantly affects the pressure resistance and flexibility of the complete hose. They are applied directly to the core and are made of high quality polyester. Depending on the area in which our silicone hose is used, the number of layers is adjusted so that a special focus can be placed on high pressure resistance or on high flexibility. The cover protects the silicone hose from external influences, such as weathering or UV rays. It is also made of high-quality silicone and ensures increased aging resistance.

The production of our silicone hoses can be carried out according to various international conformities. Thus, depending on the application, your molded hoses can be manufactured RoHS/REACH compliant or also TSCA and FDA compliant. In particular, the chemicals and hazardous substances used are limited in order to exclude any danger to the environment, and food compatibility is guaranteed. Subsequently, NovaNox® silicone hoses can be used as cooling water hoses, charge air hoses or even fuel hoses (NBR) in a wide variety of industrial applications. In addition, special intake hoses, radiator hoses, turbocharger hoses, exhaust hoses or air conditioning hoses can also be realized.
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If you need a high-quality standard product instead, you can find a wide range of Superflex silicone hoses, silicone connectors and silicone bends in our online store!

PVC Hoses Manufacturer

The PVC hoses from your hose manufacturer consist of the polymer polyvinyl chloride, which consists of a variety of different macromolecules. In the so-called hard PVC, additional stabilizers are used, whereby the material properties are optimized. By adding plasticizers to the original PVC, soft PVC is produced. The soft PVC is much more flexible and thus scores with significantly increased flexibility.

Various specifications can be realized in the production of NovaNox® PVC hoses. It is possible to produce the plastic hoses with thick or thin walls, in corrugated designs and with smooth outer and inner walls with or without reinforcement. As a rule, they are provided with an integrated spring spiral made of high-quality copper, which ensures maximum flexibility despite reliable robustness. Despite the incorporated spring spiral, compression is easily possible without disturbing the flow. In addition, they are manufactured according to ISO 6940, i.e. with non-flammable properties, and are food compliant. As a result, NovaNox® PVC hoses can be used in a wide variety of industrial applications, such as ventilation, exhaust or blower systems. For this purpose, we primarily manufacture PVC suction and delivery hoses. In addition, there is the possibility to manufacture special PVC protective hoses or PVC ventilation hoses according to your requirements. It is possible, independent of the industrial application, to convey various solids, gaseous media, liquids, sludge, faeces or aqueous solutions through the PVC hoses of your hose manufacturer. Furthermore, they have abrasion-resistant and antistatic properties as well as a temperature resistance of up to +80°C.

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PUR Hoses Manufacturer

The polyurethane hoses (PUR) from THE hose manufacturer are ideally suited for a wide range of industrial applications. They are mostly used as suction or transport hoses and transport various solids, gaseous media, liquids, fibers and highly abrasive media, such as sawdust, powder, cement or granules. PUR hoses are used, among other things, in extraction systems, dust removal systems, filter systems or for oil mist extraction. As your hose manufacturer, we also realize individual PUR hoses for ventilation or as heating hoses for buses, commercial vehicles, boats and ships.

The pneumatic hoses can be manufactured with smooth inner and outer surfaces or in corrugated versions with or without reinforcement. With the help of the incorporated copper spring spiral, the PUR hoses offer maximum flexibility despite the same robustness and can thus be used in almost all installation space situations. In addition, the pneumatic hoses can be easily compressed without disturbing the flow. Thanks to the high-quality materials used, the polyurethane hoses attain abrasion-resistant and antistatic properties and can be used at temperatures well above +110°C. With the extended properties, they can also meet flammability class V-0 according to UL94 and thus attain flame-retardant properties. Additional advantages offered by the pneumatic hoses from your hose manufacturer are food compatibility, super light weight, small bending radius, very good low-temperature flexibility and resistance to aliphatic hydrocarbons.

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TPV Hoses Manufacturer

As your hose manufacturer, TPV hoses are also part of our product portfolio. TPV hoses are mostly made of Santoprene, the thermoplastic vulcanizates that give them their name, and can be manufactured with smooth or corrugated walls. In addition, reinforcements, spring coils made of copper, can be incorporated, which simultaneously give the TPV hoses increased robustness and maximum flexibility. Despite the reinforcement, compression is easily possible without disturbing the flow.

NovaNox® TPV hoses are used, for example, in water cooling systems or as blower hoses, or as suction and transport hoses in industry. In vehicles, they can serve as an elastic connection between air filters and exhaust collectors or be used in ventilation in motor vehicles and for the distribution of cold and hot air from the air heater. In addition, it is possible to use them in various industrial applications for transporting hot water, water vapors and chemical substances. TPV hoses are resistant to a wide range of solids, gaseous media and liquids such as acids, bases and external influences.

The thermoplastic vulcanizates make them somewhat harder than PVC and PUR hoses. At the same time, the material used ensures increased temperature resistance of up to +155°C. With the extended properties, the flammability class HB according to UL94 can also be fulfilled.

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Metal Hose Manufacturer

NovaNox® metal hoses are mostly made of galvanized steel or stainless steel. As your hose manufacturer, we supply the metal hoses as a system solution, e.g. optionally with a seal. Metal hose technology has extraordinary mechanical and thermal properties. In addition, metal hoses are resistant to aggressive and chemical media, which makes them suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. They are mainly used as suction hoses, transport hoses or protective hoses. In addition, they can be used as exhaust air, suction or transport hoses for exhaust gases or chips. They are also used in heating, air conditioning, ventilation, textile and wood processing machines, chemical industrial plants, agriculture and mechanical engineering.

NovaNox® as your hose manufacturer supplies metal hoses made of galvanized steel. The metal hoses galvanized steel shine by their high tensile and transverse pressure load capacity and are mostly used as suction, delivery, vacuum and protective hoses. The protective hose protects the cables from high temperatures, collisions in the installation space and from liquids such as oil, gasoline and chemicals. The suction and delivery hoses are used to extract solids, gaseous media, chemicals and other liquids. Even highly abrasive media such as sawdust, granules or powder do not pose a challenge. NovaNox® corrugated ring hoses are furthermore temperature resistant up to +500°C, torsion resistant, low wear and abrasion resistant and thus have a complete profile.

Stainless steel hoses, or corrugated hoses, corrugated metal hoses or corrugated ring hoses, from your hose manufacturer can be used at temperatures of up to +650°C. They are also mostly used as suction, conveying or protection hoses and are used for the suction of various solids, gaseous media, chemicals, liquids and highly abrasive media. There are many other possibilities to use stainless steel hoses in industry, for example as pressure, vacuum and filling hoses. Due to their excellent properties, they are primarily used in dust extraction and suction systems, as well as in ventilation and air conditioning technology. In addition, they are installed on ships, in industrial engines, large-scale plants and presses. Stainless steel hoses always shine due to their flexible and at the same time pressure-resistant nature, which allows them to absorb movements, thermal expansions and vibrations. Other positive aspects of stainless steel metal hoses are their high operational reliability, long service life and, thanks to the high-quality material, long maintenance-free period.

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Your hose manufacturer takes over the complete process for you, from the first development steps around the prototypes to the final series production. In this process, the feasibility and cost analysis carried out in-house ensures significantly shortened introduction times and also protects your project budget. Before your project goes into series production, numerous tests and configurations can be carried out. For example, the labeling and color selection (RAL colors) can be determined and changed. In addition, your hose manufacturer can produce RoHS/REACH, FDA or even TSCA compliant as required. After successful configuration and material selection, numerous pressure and crack tests are carried out to ensure the durability and safety of your hose solution under the subsequent pressure requirements. In addition, temperature tests are carried out to simulate continuous operation in machines, systems and vehicles. Before the hose solution is delivered, it is subjected to mechanical rinsing to ensure the purity of the hoses.

As a full-range hose manufacturer, we supply your hoses as a ready-to-install system solution. This means that hose clamps, sensors or measuring indicators can be supplied and installed as well. By supplying the complete system, we can guarantee an increased accuracy of fit and the convenience of assembly increases considerably. As a system supplier, we can take care of procurement, deadline monitoring, quality control and component assembly completely for you. Your existing logistics processes can also be easily integrated with us. In addition, our consignment warehouse with an area of 1,200 m² is available to you for framework and call-off contracts. This enables us to provide flexible and on-time call-offs throughout the year.

You need an individual and custom-made hose solution and are looking for a partner who will accompany you reliably, fully and transparently in the development phase? Then book your personal, free and non-binding consultation with the experts from your hose manufacturer here now.