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Do you need an individual system solution for your construction machinery production?

As NovaNox® GmbH & Co. KG we are THE system supplier for the construction machinery industry.

Thanks to our extensive experience with construction machinery, we design and manufacture individual components for producers of construction machinery, plants and the construction machinery industry.

We offer our customers from the construction machinery industry a wide range of products from hose, pipe and insulation technology. This consists of silicone, plastic and metal hoses as well as piping and structures. Furthermore, we allow you to choose between metallic and textile insulation. Our products are produced from simple designs to application-specific material compositions. As a result, we have the optimal solution for all situations.

Fuel, hydraulic, combination or AdBlue tanks are our tank technology products between which you can choose. These are customized according to your wishes, so that they can be installed effectively and space-saving in your construction machinery after delivery. Especially for the construction machinery industry we manufacture customized, space-saving and corrosion-free hydraulic tanks. Furthermore we offer modern solutions for your silencers. This enables us to present you with the optimum solution and to respond variably to your wishes.

Our many years of experience in the field of hose technology, pipe technology, insulation technology, exhaust gas technology, and tank technology make us specialists in these areas. We apply this expertise in a wide range of industries, including the construction machinery industry. As a result, we have cross-industry knowledge, which enables us to design our products to meet all industry-specific requirements. In addition, our products are designed to be durable and lightweight.

Both continuous progress in product development and reducing your costs is our goal. To achieve this, we support our customers in the construction machinery industry throughout the entire product life cycle. This begins with the planning and development phase and ends with individual or series production. In addition, we support you in the design phase as well as in prototype production. After that, however, the cooperation does not end. Even after our products have been installed in your construction machinery, we continue to support and advise you. Through our 1200 sqm consignment warehouse, construction and spare parts can be delivered and installed in your construction machinery on time and variable. Open and transparent communication is very important to us.

NovaNox® THE system supplier for construction machinery industry & production

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